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    Kemuri Doragon


    Kemuri Doragon

    Post by Kemuri Doragon on Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:06 pm

    Name: Kemuri Doragon
    Nickname/Alias: The Smoking Dragon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Birthday: December 25th
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Race: Human

    Personality: Kemuri is cold hearted, selfish, arrogant, hot headed and blood thirsty. And those are nice words to describe him. His only concern is making benefits for himself and he doesn't care how many people he has to step over to do it. He's the reason his entire village in Crocus was wiped out including his entire family or so he thought.

    Kemuri enjoys causing others pain and gains pleasure in the suffering of others. Just the sight of blood excites him one could even say arouses him. In battle seeing blood makes him become animalistic with aggresion.

    He's got an ego about himself, being known almost world wide as The Smoking Dragon doesn't help either. He's infamous for burning down villages, towns, once even a kingdom. His face can be seen on a few wanted posters as well.

    Kemuri's cold heart prevents sympathy, he's not a team player. If you're down, you're down, don't expect him to pick you up or carry you out of danger. To him it's your own fault for being in the situation that you're in. The nicest thing he'll do is put you out of your misery. If he were to go out of his way to help you it would only be because he sees use in you and potential for his own personal gain.

    There is only one small soft spot Kemuri has and that is for his family. He had them killed because he knew his family would only be holding him back from rising in absolute power, though there are nights he stays awake thinking about them. Especially his youngest son Takashi. So when it comes to children Kemuri will actually spare them simply because a small part of him regrets his actions resulting in his kids deaths.


    1. Blood- more like loves it whether it's his own or his opponents. He loves the taste of it.

    2. Cigarettes or Cigars. He loves to smoke, it's his habit as well as a tool for his magic.

    3. Magic. Kemuri loves seeing other mages use their magic in battle, magic in general has his interest. And anytime he has the opportunity to see some he takes it even at the risk of his life.


    1. Weaklings. If you can't protect yourself or fight then stay off the battlefield. He despises fighting anyone weaker than him but will do so if he must.

    2. Authority. He's a rule breaker and and plays by his rules and doesn't take too well to orders.

    3. Sweets. Anything sweet is nasty to him he prefers spicy foods ironically.


    1. Love. The thought of being close emotionally and intimately with a woman again frightens him because he feels it will only hold him back from his potential. Even the slightest sign of affection causes him to drift away.

    2. Dying. The thought of dying doesn't scare him, but dying before reaching his maximum potential does. He wishes to be known worldwide as the most powerful mage. He even plans to one day bring down every guild and start his own.

    3. Bugs. Bugs creep him out to the max he'll literally burn an entire house down just to kill a single roach


    1. Power. He is constantly trying to get stronger and stronger. As he plans to be the world's strongest mage.

    2. Finding his equal. Kemuri wants to find someone who can go toe to toe with him and take him to his limit.

    3. Destroying Guilds. He wants to bring other Guilds down and destroy other Guild Masters, though these intentions will be hidden from his own Guild Master

    Hair: White and spiky, it's spiked back
    Eyes: Charcoal Black
    Skin: White
    Height: 6 ft
    Weight: 200lbs

    Special Characteristics:

    A long slash scar across his chest.

    Guild: Draco Maledicte
    Guild Mark Location: Right side of his neck
    Guild Mark Color: Crimson Red
    Rank: A Rank if approved

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    Re: Kemuri Doragon

    Post by Arya on Fri Mar 25, 2016 12:05 am



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