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    Ean Sableheart


    Ean Sableheart

    Post by Ean Sableheart on Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:53 pm

    Name: Ean Sableheart
    Nickname/Alias: Project Pandemonium |
    Gender: male
    Age: 22
    Birthday: 2/2
    Sexual Orientation: my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun(he likes bewbs(he likes women))
    Alignment: chaotic neutral

    Race: demon vessel

    Ean is a human, long story short. The difference is he has had 100 different breeds of monsters and their powers, shoved into his body. Originally, this resulted in almost fatal health complications due to the mass amount demonic magic and Ean barely survived. Overtime however, Ean’s body was altered by this magical power in order to withstand the sheer power available, especially from the more powerful demons. Also, the body alterations included that he ages way more slowly than a normal human, giving him an extended life span.

    In addition, and most importantly, the demons in his body were implanted in him while they were alive. The result was that each demon has retained its personality and has a distinct independence within Ean. They are able to communicate amongst themselves and with Ean as a sort of pack or network of minds speaking to one another. These voices are real and nobody else hears them unless they somehow peer into Ean’s mind, and in that case probably get out as fast as possible as some of the monsters in there are powerful beyond comprehension.

    Personality: Being an amnesiac with 100 different personalities in your head can create a bit of an issue when trying to pinpoint his personality, to be quite frank, it’s practically nonexistent.. Due to all the voices he has to listen to all the time he’s become incredibly detached and keeps quiet and to himself most of the time. In many cases he used to take the advice of the voices in his head whenever they imply if a person is an ‘enemy’.

    In addition to his state of amnesia, his life before hand was never ideal. Being locked away and detached from society makes any sort of knowledge he may regain meaningless because it won’t help him in the world. He was the machine he was designed to be. Even now he asks people he comes across if they are an enemy or an ally. If he deems them an enemy he kills them with little hesitation. It also causes a problem because he doesn’t understand kindness and gets confused when he’s helped by others or why people could get bothered when he kills somebody. It’s just the course of nature, why does everyone act like it’s something strange?

    This has also resulted in a hindered speech development. Ean will use basic sentences and in many cases grunts to communicate and rarely uses even intermediate level language. Quite naturally, he is also incapable of reading and writing although he’s actually pretty good at math, which he learned on his own, although his concept of numbers is pretty crappy since he doesn’t conceptually understand infinity.

    While in combat, Ean is a living terror. With such poorly developed emotions he ruthlessly and savagely rips through any opposition with no regard for things such as honor or dignity. While the flip side to this is he’s not a sadist that’s kind of irrelevant when you lose two of your limbs and he’s about the slice of your head and will then forget all about you. Why remember a dead person. If you’re really unlucky he might eat you if he’s hungry.


    -food: gluttonous to the extreme, Ean always seems to have room in his stomach for something. He is eating for 100 monsters and 1 human after all it’s only expected. In particular, he likes meat.

    -Women: Boobs and butts tend to keep his attention although he isn’t entirely sure why.

    -Night sky: it was night when he was freed from his seal and the first thing he saw when he escaped the cave that seal was in was the full moon surrounded by stars and it captured his heart and imagination to no end.


    -Sourness: Ean hates sour food. Why would anyone like this stinging sensation on their tongue? Are they masochists?

    -Soldiers: For some reason, they’re always trying to kill Ean. Precisely for this reason, Ean doesn’t like them.

    -Holiness: Ean’s demons are all weak to holy power be they objects, priests, chants, magic you name it. Ean is weak to it and therefore dislikes and naturally avoids it.


    -Void: Ean fears the void he was in when he was sealed away and never wants to return to it. He lost everything in that void and doesn’t even remember what he lost.

    -Death: The instinctual fear of all life and an inevitability for all life. This however has never stopped any creature from trying to avoid it and Ean is no exception to the rule.

    -whips: Despite Ean’s lack of memories, whips always create an instinctual terror that will cause him to flee regardless of how weak his opponent is.


    -New stuff: Ean enjoys new things and loves to learn. It’s easy to get his attention with the simplest of things if he hasn’t figured out or learned about it yet.

    -Living: Ean’s main objective is to quite simply, not die. He and the demons within him to not want to die, which will happen if Ean dies so they’re all, quite reluctantly for the demons, put Ean’s life and existence above all else and act in his well-being, even if against Ean’s wishes.

    -people: Ean has grown an invested interest in the psyche of a person. Why do people laugh and why do they cry? Why do they get angry over such minor details about others? All of this seems irrelevant to Ean so why does it seem to matter so much? Is there something he doesn’t understand or is everyone else just stupid?

    Hair: A messy hair style, Ean rarely messes with it, not even to wash, unless forced to by guild members. Ean's hair is pitch black and sometimes compared to a midnight sky. Ean's hair moves all over the place and he frequently has to move it out of his face in order for him to see.

    Eyes: blue
    Skin: white
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 105 lbs

    Appearance: Ean is a relatively short male at only 5 foot 5 inches, with short, black hair and a face which looks incredibly young considering his age. This has resulted in him being considered cute by many peers, especially his female associates. Prior his days in pygmy rabbit, Sableheart was heavily injured during his numerous missions as a weapon. As a result, he has numerous scars still visible all over his body, one in particular going across his chest diagonally. His body is also well-toned and it makes him seem incredibly physically active and fit. This is not the case and is the result of the demonic mana coursing through altering his body to handle the mass amounts of power hidden within, he’s actually much weaker then you’d expect if we factor out the fact there’s 100 monsters hiding in that small body of his.

    Special Characteristics: Ean's body is coated in very deep, painful looking scars.

    Guild: Pygmy Rabbit
    Guild Mark Location: Back right below the left shoulder,
    Guild Mark Color: Dark cyan
    Rank: C

    Re: Ean Sableheart

    Post by Silver Wolf on Sat Mar 19, 2016 11:30 pm

    Approved ^-^

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