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    Rebirth of a guild


    Rebirth of a guild

    Post by Axel Tengoku on Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:24 am

    The food before him was glorious. A simple hamburger and fries. Yet, coming from a mom and pop's store, this burger had such a excitability to it. It was definitely made with "love", or some form of it. Axel enjoyed it very much. It was definitely well spent money in this case. At this point, Axel knew hew as going to be late. Without a clock or some other thing in his eyesight, he usually loses track of time. Not that he isn't organized, but rather that he just spent too much time enjoying what would be his day off.

    Axel got up, leaving the money (plus tip, of course) on the table. His cape blew behind him as he walked towards his guild, ready to meet his master. He hoped to make a good impression- it would be the first time Axel would see the new guild master. It was an interesting course of events, but finally, they had a new one. As Axel has been with the guild since birth, it was nice to become a part of the guild as the Ac. He preferred it this way, as it allowed him to just be free to do what he wanted.


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    Re: Rebirth of a guild

    Post by Dangon on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:46 am

    Creed looked out the window of the Cait Shelter Guild Hall he looked bored, and then he stood up to go and get a better look of the outdoors. Creed looked at the Peaceful Clover Town he couldn't believe he became the Guild Master at the Age of Nineteen. Creed's long white hair was flowing with the breeze, as he continued to look out the window. Creed had done a lot of work recently trying to get used to his new position in the Guild, and it wasn't easy trying to prove to the members of the Guild that are older than him, that he is a very powerful Wizard despite his young age. Everybody was surprised when he became the Guild Master and the Sixth Guild Master stepping down, it was ridiculous to them that such a young man became a Guild Master but they have warmed up over the past couple of months. Creed sighed and went back and sat down in the Guild Masters Chair, he looked at all of the paintings on the wall of the previous Guild Masters all of them had paintings except for the First who had an empty frame.

    Creed was bored now he had finally got comfortable in his position and now had a lot less work to do. Creed then cracked open a book that he was reading it was an old story about a powerful knight that slayed a Dragon, he got no further than the first paragraph before the doors were loudly opened. Creed continued reading his book if the person needed him, they would talk to him directly.

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