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    Community fanfiction project: Phase 2


    Claire Anderson

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    Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:09 am

    Welcome any and all to the community fanfiction project. This is a project that originally started in another forum, but was moved here following a series of events that is better not to bring up in this context.

    Anyhoo, the idea is very simple: my plan is to develop a fanfiction with the help of the whole community. By this I mean, my goal is to build a story the casual fan would be interested in reading, by listening to the ideas and feedback of the casual fans, which would be each and every one of you. From the powers of the various characters to the basic ideas for development and plot advancement, you have a saying in everything.
    Furthermore, once I get to actually writing the thing, I would post it here before publishing it, so that you people can act as beta readers, pointing out grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes, fixing clunky lines etc. After all, I am not a native English speaker, so while I have no problems roleplaying in English, I will probably need help for a project as ambitious as this one.
    In return, once the thing is done and I publish it on fanfiction.net or AO3, I will make sure to adequately advertise this community. Basically, this is an occasion to create a beautiful story, AND to give a lot of visibility to this forum while at it.

    So, in order to make things easier, I had decided to split this project into phases: Phase 1 to discuss backstory and main plot points, Phase 2 to discuss characters in details, Phase 3 to plan out the flow of the plot and so on so forth. As of the work that has taken place on the other forum, Phase 1 is already complete, meaning that, in this topic, we will resume discussion on characters (Phase 2) from where it had been interrupted over there. To make it easier for you guys to understand what's going on, I am including, in this post, a complete recap of all things Phase 1, and in the next one I will include all things Phase 2 that have already been discussed. It is A LOT of catching up to do, but please bear with me. Also this is all original stuff don't steal.

    General premise:
    The year is X998. A long time has passed since the events of the canon series: with the current protagonists not around anymore and the dragons extinct for good, Dragon Slayer Magic has disappeared from this world. In fact, the concentration of Ethernano in the air has dropped significantly in the past 200 years, meaning that magic users are even more scarce than they used to be... Which of course makes their services for the community all the more precious: as a result, magic guilds have diminished in numbers, but the few left are much richer and more powerful than they used to be.

    The most significant change, however, is that Fiore is now a republic. Two are the institutions that govern the country: the Parliament and the Magic Council, responsible for the general legislation and for the matters concerning magic, respectively. They actually work in similar ways: those who have the right to vote (all citizens for the former, registered members of Magic Guilds for the latter) elect the members of these institutions, who in turn elect the one who will govern them for the next five years, the Chancellor for the former, the Council Chairman for the latter. Both institutions have 100 members, of which 90 elected as explained, and 10 permanent members (the Parliament has the Ten Great Nobles, heads of the most influencial families that were pivotal in engineering the fall of Fiore's monarchy, and the Magic Council has the Ten Wizard Saints). Outside of the fact that they are members of their respective institutions for life, these permanent members are not privileged, I.E. their vote is worth as much as anyone else's, no more, no less.

    Of course, leading such institutions means having a great deal of power in one's hands, so a law exists that prevents the same person from holding the same position twice in a row (you cannot be the Chancellor twice in a row, or the Council Chairman twice in a row). The transition from monarchy to republic was not immune to conflict, however, as we will see in the next section.

    The fall of Fiore's monarchy was engineered, by the heads of the families that would go on to become the Ten Great Nobles, 100 years before the beginning of the story. A period of turmoil followed: initially the Ten Great Nobles wanted to create an oligarchy, but after the common citizens threatened an armed revolution, they had to settle with a more democratic system, which eventually evolved into the one detailed above.

    50 years before the beginning of our story, a group that called themselves the "Mercurius Party" (after the name of what used to be the royal palace of Fiore) attempted a coup d'etat. Their goal was to wipe out the Ten Great Nobles and restore the monarchy: they even claimed to have, among their ranks, a legitimate heir of the old ruling family. This attempted coup soon escalated in a full-blown civil war, with dragged for many decades: the Mercurius Party had lots of support in the most underdeveloped areas of the country and, while the regular army and the Magic Council were both on the Republic's side, there were many guilds that decided to defect from the Council and side with the Mercurius Party. Also, the Bureau of Magical Development, an institution created to research ways to stop the decline of Ethernano in the world, proclaimed that it would remain neutral and just keep on diong its job, but a member of that institution went on his own business, secretly striking a deal with the Mercurius Party. The member in question was this man:

    Otis Bertrand:
    A brilliant scientist with interests in both the fields of magic and of traditional science, he researched various ways to enhance the human body and allow it to go beyond its limits.
    Unscrupulous, he would do anything for the sake of his research, often showing little to no emotion in doing so. One of the project he worked on (although this is a secret that won't be revealed until later on in the story) was a machine that would allow him to create artificial lacrimas. By this I mean, all the forms of magic that had disappeared from this world (yes, including Dragon Slayer Magic) could be artificially reproduced: however, the resulting lacrimas appeared to be harmful for the human body, so he was researching ways for humans to be safely enhanced with such lacrimas. This research involved experimentations on countless human guinea pigs, who went through unimaginable sufferings (and, in most cases, died). Not that he cared.
    In truth, he wasn't completely amoral, and had a (kinda sorta) understandable reason for doing all this, as we will see later on.

    The most revolutionary research conducted by Otis Bertrand's team ultimately led them to cracking the secret of the so-called "One Magic", the point from which all magic had originated. They were even planning to develop a new kind of weapon that could make use of it, and that was what the Mercurius Party was banking on, to finally turn the tides of the Civil War. The reason why Otis Bertrand was so desperate to complete these researches, to the point that he sold out to the Mercurius Party to complete them, and didn't hesitate to sacrifice countless guinea pigs, was that he was hoping that, by obtaining a god-like power, he could save his daughter from certain death, as she was infected with a terrible disease.
    However, as Otis' staff prepared for a crucial experiment in the creation of the ultimate weapon, the Magic Council fired Etherion upon the building they were using as research lab, wiping them out along with the results of their researches (yes, including all the innocent people that were being held captive to act as guinea pigs. Neither side ever showed mercy or respect for human lives, in that war). This event took place 11 years before the beginning of our story, on July 7th, X987.

    With Otis Bertrand (apparently) dead and his researches (supposedly) wiped out of history forever, the Mercurius Party surrendered soon afterwards. X988 saw the first elections since the end of the civil war, elections that marked the ascent of this man:

    Koen Shepherd:
    A decorated hero of the Civil War. Charismatic, intelligent, experienced in both military strategy and political matters, and a powerful mage to boot. Thanks to his dual nature as a skilled politician and as a gifted mage, he managed to find a loophole in the rules that prevent a man from holding the same position twice in a row: at the end of his five years as Chancellor, in X993, he became Council Chairman, a lackey of his being elected Chancellor thanks to his manipulations. Now, in X998, Shepherd is back to being Chancellor, the same lackey (whom he had taught in the ways of magic) having become the Council Chairman.

    Needless to say, the man has become a de facto dictator, hogging most of the power in what is still a democracy in name only. At the same time, his admittedly brilliant policies have brought Fiore a new era of peace and prosperity, the likes of which hadn't been seen in the country since before the Civil War.
    The winds of conflict are therefore starting to blow once again, with those who would like Shepherd to keep his power forever and those who wouldn't mind having his head (starting from the Ten Great Nobles) silently rallying their respective forces...

    Quick overview of the main characters:

    Claire Anderson:
    After the building in which Bertrand was conducting his researches was obliterated by Etherion, Captain Edmund Anderson of the Republican Army was tasked with assembling a squad and investigating what was left of it, to ensure the target had been wiped out. semi-buried under the debris, he found a girl, miraculously still alive but with evident signs of post-traumatic shock and partial amnesia. From her appearance, she couldn't possibly be any older than 9. Having lost his lover recently, during a battle of the Civil War, Anderson decided to adopt the girl, so that she would be the daughter his lover couldn't give him anymore. He named her Claire, like his deceased lover.
    And thus the years passed, Captain Anderson became General Anderson, and that little girl became the unfriendly, quick-tempered, busty (this is Fairy Tail after all) protagonist of our story. Her personality is a result of her upbringing: she grew up in a military environment, with no female parental figure, so she is not very feminine. Still, Anderson proved a good father, all things considered, and Claire grew to genuinely love him: she had actually joined the military academy to follow in his footsteps, but one day her powers went haywire and she very nearly destroyed the entire campus, which resulted in her immediate expulsion. Afterwards, she was sent to join Fairy Tail, in order to learn how to keep that frightening power of hers in check.
    What power, you ask? Easy: she is the Fire Dragon Slayer. Now you might think that this means she is an artificial Slayer created by Bertrand, but the truth about her is even more unsettling than that, as we will see later on.

    Timo Bertrand:
    A young boy who joined the guild only recently (I am actually planning to start the story with him meeting Claire, who would then invite him to join the guild, in a gender flipped re-imagining of the Natsu-Lucy dynamic). As the surname suggests, he is the son of Otis Bertrand.
    His father had brought his sister, who was afflicted by a terrible illness, to the Bureau of Magical Development facility he directed, along with their mother. The three of them were planning to devise a way of saving the poor girl from certain death, and Timo was left in the care of his grandparents... Except the facility in question is the one the Council fired Etherion upon, so for years he thought he was an orphan.
    Growing up, the kid learned Weakness, the same magic his father used to use, and tried to tamper with that same fine line between science and magic, that had fascinated his father so much. His rudimental experiments didn't turn out so well, however, and he very nearly killed himself when, upon activating a SE Plug-powered automaton he had built, he drained most of his own magic power by accident.
    While recovering, he received a package. Inside, a mysterious lacrima and a letter that told him to "stay strong". The letter closed with a line about a secret he shared with his father, something only his father could know. He therefore doubled his efforts to get better and, using the mysterious lacrima, he engineered a system he dubbed, with dubious creativity, "reverse SE plug". Basically, the same automaton from before is now powered by the mysterious lacrima, and shares its power with Timo, sustaining his vital functions and allowing him to use rudimentary magic.
    Now believing that his father is alive, and thus that the rest of his family might be as well, Timo has decided to look for them: he has therefore joined Fairy Tail in the hope of finding help for this quest of his.

    Raspberyl "Beryl" Valentine:
    A short, energetic girl around Claire's age. She is mainly pink. She dresses in pink. She has pink hair decorations. She thinks in pink (she is a love freak, often blabbering about the power of love and shipping other characters together). She considers Claire to be her greatest rival, and has sworn to one day make her open up her heart to the power of love, shedding that abrasive persona of hers in the process. Her over the top antics make her the primary source of comedy in this story, acting as the Boke to Claire's Tsukkomi.
    Despite all this, you should not underestimate her, as her magic is ridiculously powerful: she uses Song Magic, better described as "Rustyrose with a musical theme". Basically, she can conjure anything out of thin air, as long as she can describe it with a song: takes a while to set up (she has to come up with a song, music and everything, after all), but packs a serious punch. She has an Exceed companion named Amanda, who actually makes her even scarier in battle by nullifying her main weaknesses: by flying her out of harm's way, Amanda gives Beryl the time to prepare her songs, to then rain death on her enemies from above.

    Genevieve "Genny" Fernandes:
    During the Civil War, Genny was a promising, if somewhat stubborn, Requip user and member of Fairy Tail. The master at the time was an old man who, despite having some "dirty old man" tendencies, genuinely cared for her and had taken her under his wing. From observing him, she had grasped the basics of the Three Great Spells of Fairy Tail, although he had explicitly forbidden her from ever attempting to cast her.
    One day the city of Magnolia, which was loyal to the Republic, was targeted for an all out attack by the Mercurius Party. The master died in that attack, and Genny fought valiantly to keep the shocked members of Fairy Tail together, and to protect the citizens of Magnolia. She fought so strenuously, she completely depleted her magical reserves, to the point that now she is unable to cast even the easiest cantrip. But in spite of this, she was granted the position of new Master and the title of Wizard Saint, as a reward for her heroism, even though she was only 18 at the time.
    Except what you just read is a lie: she did not lose her magic during the attack on Magnolia, that was just a cover up story made by the Council. And her double role was given to her as a form of compensation, in return for her silence on what had really happened.
    She keeps up a laid back and carefree facade, but the fact that she has a double role she feels she doesn't deserve, as well as the fact that she got there via political intrigue, makes her insecure. She values the safety and the prosperity of the people of Magnolia over everything else: she was born and raised in that city, and she loves it from the bottom of her heart... Which is why she trained hard to master combat with enchanted weapons: now she has refined her skills to the point that, by wielding a magic sword/gun combo and using the simple spells attached to them, she can equal and even best in battle mages with much greater magic powers, including fellow Wizard Saints. She has done this because she wants to protect her city and her comrades, something she is afraid she would be unable to do in her condition.
    She is a VERY hard drinker, and is said to "really get around" (if you know what I mean), but you will often hear her complain about being unable to find a stable relationship. After all, she is now 29, so she wouldn't mind starting a family... But she just cannot find the right man. Incidentally, if you call her "madam" or "mrs", she will friggin' murder you.
    She likes to act as a parental figure (if not a mother, at least an older sister) to Claire, but the latter is in that complicated age, so the two butt heads often.

    Only known by the nickname "Spark", this guy is a mysterious individual who appears at many points throughout the story, eventually becoming pivotal to the plot (not sure if I should actually have him end up joining FT or not). He is the Lightning Dragon Slayer, more precisely he is an artificial Dragon Slayer, one of the few successful exemplars created as part of Doctor Bertrand's research. He wears a hooded cloak and wanders the country, tracking down whomever might have had some connection with Doctor Bertrand: apparently, he has a personal vendetta with the Bureau of Magical Development (or at least, with the rogue group within it that experimented on him), which has something to do with the death of a person named Isolde.
    He looks a few years older than Claire, and for some reason he appears to be attracted to her, often appearing out of nowhere to protect her in a pinch.

    The main plot point, AKA the truth about Genny, Claire, and Otis:
    Let's start from the very beginning: Genny used to have a younger sister. One day, this younger sister fell ill and, in a move that I am totally not ripping off from the anime, Genny sought the help of the Bureau of Magical Development. However, the head of the facility where she brought her little sister was no other than Otis Bertrand, who at the time had just embarked in his project to uncover the secrets of the One Magic: realizing the girl had potential to be a guinea pig, he told Genny that she had died, then secretly started experimenting on her.
    I should probably explain why he saw potential in her: the girl's illness caused her latent magic power to attack her own organs, producing relevant quantities of Ethernano as a side effect. It was the same illness Otis' daughter had, and he had devised a theory as to how to cure it. See, at the time Otis was experimenting to see that if it was possible, with the right enhancements, to make it possible for a person to tap into the One Magic: turned out it was, but the human body was not supposed to be able to handle what, at the end of the day, was the power of creation, the power of a god. Upon tapping into that magic, the subjects were drained of the Ethernano cointained in their bodies so fast, that they actually started aging at a ridiculous rate, resulting in what was technically death of old age, within mere days since being exposed to the One Magic.
    Otis didn't know how to avoid this phenomenon, but he had this idea: if the illness his daughter and that girl had caused their bodies to produce Ethernano, maybe the two phenomena (accelerated Ethernano consumption due to the One Magic, Ethernano production caused by the illness) could balance each other out, allowing the subject to survive. He was about to test this theory on his own daughter, but then this other girl came: he figured he would test the theory on her first.
    The theory proved to be correct, but still not enough: the consumption caused by the One Magic was still too brutal, and the poor girl still ended up aging too fast and dying. Feeling that he was on the right path, Otis thought it would be a waste to just let the girl die, so he cloned her: the close was dubbed "OM-01", and when that one died too, "OM-02" was made.

    In the night of july the 4th, X987, "OM-77" saw the light. As usual, the moment she was exposed to the One Magic she started aging at an accelerated rate, so by the morning of july the 7th she already looked about 9. And that was when Otis had the idea: his other research, the one that involved recreating the power of all sorts of Lost Magic, saw many of the test subjects die because they couldn't handle the sheer amount of magic power contained in those artificial lacrimas. In particular, people implanted with artificial Dragon Slayer lacrimas sometimes EXPLODED because of the sudden surge in magical power. And so Otis thougth: maybe by implanting an artificial Dragon Slayer lacrima in OM-77, the levels of Ethernano in her body would skyrocket (because of the combined effect of the illness and the lacrima), to the point that she would finally be able to counterbalance the draining effect of the One Magic, stabilizing her growth and thus guaranteeing a reasonably long lifespan. It worked, and the first product of the project to be a true success was redubbed OMDS-01... But Otis had failed to realize that there was a spy in his staff: the Magic Council now knew everything about his project.
    They therefore decided to put an end to his insane researches once and for all, in the most drastic way possible: by firing Etherion. Being aware that the root of the string of clones was Genny's younger sister they decided that the best course of action was to avoid informing her. After all, she was already under a lot of pressure: a few days earlier, Magnolia had been the target of a large scale attack by the Mercurius Party, which had claimed the life of the master of Fairy Tail. Genny was now struggling to keep the master-less guild together, so the members of the Magic Council figured they would just leave her alone: what were they supposed to say "oh hey, we are about to fire Etherion on the madman who tortured and cloned your sister, obliterating the last clone in the process"? But not telling her about the planned Etherion strike was a mistake. Because she found out about Otis' research on her own.

    See, Otis had realized OM-76 was a lost cause, she was just going to die like her predecessors: he had therefore decided to move onto working on OM-77. Since OM-76 was lost anyway, he figured that she might as well make herself useful one time, before unnaturally aging to death.  He therefore lent her to his backers, the Mercurius Party, so that they would use her as a living weapon in the attack on Magnolia. A blast of this weapon killed Fairy Tail's master: in the resulting chaos, Genny managed to catch a glimpse of the weapon... And imagine what went through her mind, when she recognized the sister she thought she had lost forever.
    Therefore, upon succesfully defending Magnolia, Genny used "enhanced interrogation techniques" on an enemy high-rank official she had taken prisoner (read: she tortured him halfway to death), and he spilled the beans. The truth about what had happened to her sister shocked her, of course, but she was relieved to at least learn that the latest clone was a full success, meaning that there was still something she could consider "her sister" in this world: with fury boosting her already great magic power, Genny swore to take her back at all costs.

    And thus, as Otis and his staff were preparing to perform the final experiment on OMDS-01, which would give her full control over the One Magic and turn her into the ultimate weapon, Genny stormed the building, massacred Otis' staff, and confronted the scientist, demanding to be given back "her sister". It was july the 7th, X987, the sun was just starting to set: unaware of Genny's presence on the scene, the Council fired Etherion.
    When the instruments in the underground lab registered an unprecedented concentration of Ethernano directly above the building, Genny was the first to realize what was going on. Desperate to protect the last trace of her sister left in this world, she grabbed OMDS-01, held her tight, and did something very stupid: she tried to cast Fairy Sphere to parry Etherion's blast. And that was a feat that had never been meant to be pulled by a single individual.
    When she regained consciousness, she was on her knees, around her only destruction, OMDS-01 still passed out in her arms. The Fairy Sphere she had managed to cast was tiny, barely 2 m in diameter, barely sufficient to save herself and the clone of her sister (and Otis, but he was the first to come back to his senses and fled the scene before Genny regained consciousness, so she wasn't aware that he was still alive). And even that had drained every single molecule of Ethernano in her body, leaving her unable to cast even the most basic cantrip (and barely able to breathe and move, in fact).
    Those were the conditions the squad of the Republican Army, sent by the Council to verify that the target had been obliterated, found her in. The captain of the squad, Edmund Anderson, was shocked to see her: the political implications of the situation were immediately clear to both of them. Had it become public knowledge that the Council hadn't hesitated to fire Etherion, despite the fact that a mage loyal to them was on the scene, their credibility would have been destroyed, something that couldn't be permitted in that crucial moment, with the Civil War so close to an end. It was immediately apparent that a cover-up would have been necessary, and that the existance of OMDS-01 had to be kept a secret, too. Demonstrating incredible loyalty to the Council (a loyalty they repaid naming her master of Fairy Tail and Wizard Saint), Genny accepted the cover-up and entrusted OMDS-01 to Edmund, on one condition: should the terrible power hidden within her ever resurface, Edmund had to send the girl to Fairy Tail, where they would be able to provide the help she needed, to learn how to keep such power under control.

    Edmund accepted this condition and adopted the girl, naming her Claire. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Secondary plot point, AKA the connection between Spark and Claire:
    Spark was one of the few people to survive experimentations concerning artificial Dragon Slayer lacrimas, thus becoming the Lightning Dragon Slayer. As the Mercurius Party was planning for such individuals to be used as living weapons, he was moved, along with a few others, to a Mercurius Party training facility, when he was to be prepared to become a super soldier. So yeah, he didn't die when the Council fired Etherion simply because he wasn't in that building anymore by then.

    In the same facility, the Mercurius Party were conducting another kind of research: experimenting to see if the illness that had struck Genny's sister (at this point, I think we will need a name for this illness) could be used to fuel some other kinds of magical weapons, or to turn the sybjects into some kind of "magical cyborg", so to speak, without all the One Magic stuff Otis seemed to be so obsessed with. They had therefore made this deal with Otis: whenever he realized that a clone of the OM series was defective and doomed to die, he would pass her over to this Mercurius Facility, where she would be further cloned and subjected to other kinds of experiments, that had nothing to do with Otis' own research (in case you are wondering yes, this does mean that at least one clone will appear as enemy throughout the story, with Claire forced to fight herself. More on this in Phase 2).

    Thus, the IS- series of clones saw the light. While at the structure, Spark befriended IS-0183, and to show her his affection, gave her a name: Isolde (he jokingly said that her ID number kinda looked like that name anywhere, as if it was written in 1337/leet). Unfortunately, she died soon after. Spark was only 12 at the time, so between being experimented on and seeing his friend die, imagine just how much he suffered.
    So yeah, after the Civil War ended, he set out to track down and "punish" (his words) whomever was involved in those researches. And eventually he came across Claire, whom he initially mistook for Isolde. Pretty easy to see where this is going, isn't it?

    This is all for the Phase 1 Recap. All the Phase 2 things that have already been discussed will be included in the next post.

    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:10 am

    Claire Anderson:
    The protagonist of the story, and a member (not for her own choice) of Fairy Tail. She is nicknamed "the Crimson Phoenix", a nickname Beryl came up with (she is also responsible for naming most of Claire's spells): needless to say, she hates it.

    Height: 175cm (5'8.9")
    Weight: 63kg (138.6 lbs)
    Apperance: Claire is a tall, muscular girl with a statuesque, sculpted physique, which she got by training with her father's elite soldiers every morning, for over ten years. This being Fairy Tail, she has a VERY curvaceous figure, with large hips and sizeable bust.
    Claire's eyes are golden in color, with a slight red shade to them. It's hard to tell, but her pupils are slightly vertical, akin to those of a cat. She has short white hair (think Lisanna).
    Her main outfit consists of a black jacket with a white zipper tee and torn-up demin short shorts, along with knee high brown boots and a long belt, arranged in a way that makes it almost look like a tail. Whenever she gets serious in battle, she has this habit of unzipping her jacket and throwing it away, remaining in nothing but a strapless bra and those shorts that barely cover anything, a habit she shares with Genny. Needless to say, Timo nearly dies of nosebleed every time she does that. She wears a gauntlet on her left arm (speaking of which, she's left-handed): this gauntlet isn't a weapon but rather a limiter of sorts, that helps her keep her power in check.
    Guild Tattoos: Black, right hip.

    Overview: As a result of her upbringing, Claire isn't very feminine. Brash and quick-tempered, she is costantly in a foul mood, mostly because she is not fond of magic nor of the nakama-driven antics that seem to be the backbone of most guilds, so she is not very happy of being caught, against her will, in this whole guild mage business. This causes her to come off as grumpy and unfriendly.
    In truth, she actually has a kind side, which mostly comes out around children (she is very fond of them), it's just that... She isn't good at expressing it. Growing up, her only parental figure was her foster father, a military man who was extraordinarily talented in battle strategy, not so much in anything else. He taught her how to repair weapons and how to quickly come up with the best strategy in combat situations, but as far as social skills go... His teachings weren't as thorough.
    At her core, Claire is a girl who learned to punch before she learned to kiss. At times, she does feel bad about being so unfriendly, and wishes she was more feminine. At the same time, excessively feminine girls her age piss her off to no end, so it's hard for her to make her mind. She wouldn't be caught dead wearing a mini-skirt to show off her legs, but the hotpants she does wear are just as revealing. She secretly started picking up feminine hobbies, in the hope that they'd help her mellow out if only a little bit.


    Action movies: If there is something that gets her in a good mood, is to watch some fast-paced, martial arts-filled action movie. She is a massive fan of popular action movie actors, to the point that meeting one could cause her to squee and start fangirling and drooling very un-Claire-ly (yes, there is totally going to be an action movie actor as a minor character).

    Children: She is fond of them. For reasons even her doesn't understand, she can connect in a way she cannot with people her age: she is capable of saying the sweetest things to a kid and to shout insults at another girl her age in the same breath. 

    Embroidery: Believe it or not. It's actually her favorite hobby.


    Magic: A dislike she took from her father. Having inherited his pragmatic, military, down-to-heart mindset, she is very wary of a force that transcends the laws of physics, and of people who would use it to take on mundane jobs requested by civilians. If you point out that she is a mage herself, she will punch you.

    Women who flaunt their womanliness: She considers "too feminine" females to be her enemies. She particularly hates those who would wear skimpy, revealing clothes to attract attention: if you point out that her own clothes are quite revealing, she will punch you.

    High society events: gala balls, charity events, the kind of stuff you need to attend in a fancy dress, and where you are expected to dance. She hates them with a passion and, if you dare to do as much as to ask her "shall we dance?", SHE WILL PUNCH YOU.


    Finding out the truth about her past: Why is she the Fire Dragon Slayer? How did she obtain this fearsome power? What were the circumstances that led to her being found and adopted by Edmund? To find the answers to these questions is the main goal of her life. And no, as much as it pains her to keep quiet, Genny cannot just tell her: firstly, she hopes that, by not knowing, Claire will be able to enjoy a normal life, and secondly, think of the political implications. Needless to say, this will eventually become a cause of conflict between them ("you lied to me all this time" etc).

    Making her father proud: She is fully aware that the way her father educated her was rather lacking, but she at least acknowledges that he tried hard, and genuinely loves him for it. She still finds it hard to understand why such a military man, who lived alone in a small flat with no sign of female presence, would take her in and raise her on his own, but she is very thankful to him for it, and wants to make him proud of her as a way of giving something back.

    Conquering her fears: being afraid is "a feeling for girly girls", as she would put it. She genuinely hates to be afraid, so she wants to be brave and shake her fears off. She hasn't done that great of a job so far.


    Finding out the truth about her past: What if it is something atrocious? What if she is some kind of monster cursed, not blessed, with that terrible power she has? What if her father regrets taking her in? She wants to know the truth about her past, but at the same time she is genuinely terrified of what she might find.

    Her own magic power: Why does she possess this fearsome magic? Why doesn't she have full control of it? Why is it so destructive? For a person like her, who doesn't trust magic and mages, finding out to be one of the very rare people capable of using magic would already be a shock in itself. But of all the forms of magic she could have, she ended up with one of the scariest.

    Vehicles: Well she IS a Dragon Slayer, after all.

    Powers and fighting style:
    Claire is the Fire Dragon Slayer. However, compared to Natsu, her power is much more volatile and difficult to keep in check, necessitating the limiter in her gauntlet. Although people will initially think that this is caused by her status as an artificial Dragon Slayer, the real reason is that she is the bearer of the One Magic, which is quite literally the power of a god. She has absolutely no form of control over this second power of hers and, every time it emerges, things get really ugly real fast, for her even more than for her opponents.

    This is the reason why she is afraid of her own power (notice that, untill MUCH later in the story, she won't know about the whole "One Magic" thing), resulting in her fighting style: she hides her fears and insecurities behind a boisterous, hammy facade ("AHAHAH RUN! I AM THE BIG SCARY DRAGON COMING TO GET YOU!"). As part of this, she relies on spells that are flashy and scary, she puts on a show: she doesn't want to actually fight her opponents, she just wants to scare them away, so that she won't have to actually get serious and tap into that power that scares her so much.

    List of her spells, from the weakest to the strongest:

    Firewall - Basic defensive spell
    Hellfire - Basic offensive spell
    Fire Dragon's Iron Fist - delivered with the left punch, as opposed to Natsu's right one
    Fire Dragon's Wing Attack - same as Natsu
    Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang - completely different from Natsu's version, involves a downward sickle kick
    Fire Dragon's Sword Horn - same as Natsu
    Fire Dragon's Roar - Same as Natsu
    Fire Dragon's Meteor Impact - basically an Izuna Drop with Claire and the opponent engulfed in flames
    Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame - same as Natsu
    Fire Drive - primary power-up
    Fire Drive: Rising Phoenix - Fire Drive version of Hellfire, named by Beryl
    Fire Drive: Phoenix Burst - Fire Drive version of Firewall, named by Beryl
    Metsuryu Ougi: Phoenix Barrage - the move Natsu used to beat Gajeel, guess who gave it a new name
    Metsuryu Ougi: Phoenix Blade - weaker than Natsu's version, usable during Fire Drive
    Metsuryu Ougi: Exploding Fire Blade - same as Natsu
    Lightning Fire Dragon Mode spells (yes she WILL get that eventually, guess how)

    Basic ideas for development:
    Well she is the protagonist, so the whole story is her story. The idea is to have her slowly but steadily open her heart to the idea of friendship, and to warm up to the rest of the guild, forging strong bonds with everyone... And then have everything comecrashing down on her once she finds out the truth about her origins, plunging her into despair, causing a VIOLENT breakdown with Genny ("you lied to me" etc), and nearly handing victory to the main villain as a result.
    Because yeah, we will have a dedicated post for this "main villain" later on, but I can say this much: his ultimate goal is to finish what Otis started, to get his hands on Claire, complete the final experiment on her, turn her into the One Magic-wielding ultimate weapon, and use her to, you guessed it, take over the world. And after the aforementioned breakdown Claire suffers upon finding out the truth about herself, she willingly gives herself up to him to let him do just that.
    That will be near the final climax of the story however, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    At this point everything involving Claire is more or less set in stone, but if you have more comments to post, I will take note of them here.

    Timo Bertrand:
    A shy but smart kid, the story begins with him joining Fairy Tail. He can be seen as a gender-flipped Lucy because, much like her, he is a newbie who finds himself tossed in the middle of the plot's main conflict, only to find out that his own backstory and family is tied with it, WAY more than he initially thought.

    Height: 144cm (4'8.7")
    Weight: 35kg (77.2 lbs)
    Apperance: Timo is a short, thin kid, with blonde hair and wide, very expressive hazel eyes (TOTALLY NOT LUCY REFERENCE). Between his young appearance (he looks even younger than he is, in fact), his timid personality (more on this later), his soft-spoken voice/downcast eyes combo, and his tendency to dress like an adult (as in, wearing formal, complete dresses, shirts, and ties), women find him to be irresistibly cute, which inevitably ends up accentuating his shy antics. The fact that he constantly carries around an automaton that is quite literally twice his size doesn't seem to bother anyone for some reason.
    Guild Tattoos: Sky blue, back of his right hand (TOTALLY NOT LUCY REFERENCE)

    Overview: Timo lives and breathes the "shy but brainy kid" archetype. After the end of the Civil War apparently made him an orphan, he grew up on his own, reading every book he could get his hands on and widening his knowledge in both science and magic. This made him an extraordinary genius in scientific matters, but when it comes to... Well, everything else, he quite simply doesn't know what to do. This causes many of the contraddictions in his personality: he likes it when people respect his know-how and listen to him, but at the same time he is embarrassed by the attention. He wants to stand on his own two legs and become stronger on his own, but at the same time he is terrified of being alone, and is a scaredy cat in general so he isn't very effective in battle. An idea I had for him is that his passion for building marionettes and automatons could have started BEFORE he became the kid genius he is, right after he learned about the (presumed) death of his family: basically, he would build all kinds of person-size puppets, often shaped to look like his parents and sister, so that they would keep him company and make him feel less lonely (think of Sasori in Naruto). Then, with his magic and scientific knowledge came the idea of trying and animating them.


    Science: Like his father, he is a natural talent for science, and he particularly like to study and explore that grey area, between science and magic. This damn nearly cost his life when, upon experimenting on how to animate his automatons, a device gone haywire came this close from killing him, but not even that managed to discourage him and his curious nature.

    Automatons, puppets, marionettes and the likes: A passion he has developed as a way of feeling less lonely. By surrounding himself with humanoid figures, he would feel a bit less the lack of actual humans around him. He learned his father's signature magic, Weakness, to this end.

    Sweets: No matter how professional and scientific he tries to act, he is still a kid, after all. By offering him candy, it is possible to break through his defenses and goad him into doing anything... Something that the more flirtatious women will tease him for in multiple occasions.


    Physical demonstrations of affection: physical contact greatly embarrasses him, his own reactions (he is 15, after all) to curvaceous women greatly embarrass him, so of course a hug from a well-endowed woman is about the single most embarrassing thing he can think of. Of course, since he tends to blush violently when embarrassed (which makes him even cuter), this will only encourage more flirtatious women to tease him even more, resulting in him being put through marshmallow hell multiple times.

    Spark: this is something we will get to when discussing Spark, but the guy has a vendetta (and a murderous one, at that) against Doctor Bertrand and whomever was involved with him. Considering that Timo is the son of Doctor Bertrand, you can see why he would have a problem with this. Also, Spark is destined to become Claire's canon love interest... And that might be part of the problem as well (more on this later).

    People who don't take him seriously: he hates being singled out for his appearance and/or young age. Even if he doesn't look like one, he knows he is a scientific genius and wants to be acknowledged as such... Which doesn't stop Claire from calling him "pipsqueak" for a relevant part of the story (the fact that she will go from saying "pipsqueak" mockingly to saying it in an endearing, affictionate tone, and then the fact that she will drop it altogether in favor of calling him "Timo", will play a role in the development of both).


    Taking his family back: after receiving the mysterious package that contained, along with the lacrima that allowed him to complete his automaton, a letter only his father could have written, he became persuaded that his family had somehow survived Etherion's strike, so he set out to find them. To this end he joined Fairy Tail (he figured the biggest, most powerful guild in the world could help him, not knowing the connection between his father and Genny), and to this end he became involved with the events of the plot.

    Becoming famous in the scientific world: he wants to be acknowledged as a great scientist, becoming famous like his father. It is better not to point out that his father was (is) infamous more than he is famous.

    Atoning for his father's actions: this is a motivation that will come into play later on, when the truth about his father research, and his connection with Claire and Genny, is revealed. Timo will swear to help those who suffered because of his father: I was planning for his portion of the ending to involve him becoming a surgeon, specialized in curing diseases like the one that indirectly caused the whole plot.


    Being alone: his biggest fear. He detests solitude with every fiber of his being, he has simply had too much over the past 11 years. He will never admit it, but this is part o the reason why he decided to turn to a magi guild for help.

    Being separated from his automaton: connected to the above. His automata are his most treasured creations, his surrogate family, and the one he currently carries around has become, since being implanted with the lacrima used for the reverse SE Plug, a full-fledged crutch for him, both literally and figuratively. So yeah, even at the peak of his character development, after he has overcome his insecurities and become a powerful fighter, all you need to do is to take the automaton out of the equation, and he will be reduced to a crying mess.

    Learning that his relatives are dead: the main motivation that keeps him going is based on the hope that his parents and sister are still alive. If you take away his hope, you effectively neutralize him.

    Powers and fighting style:
    Timo uses Weakness. However, he lacks the mastery and the experience his father has, so he still cannot create fully sentient, independent homunculi. For now, his automata need to be powered with lacrima, SE Plugs and the likes, in order to work. He will get better and better at this, to the point of surpassing his father, as the story proceeds.
    While at Fairy Tail, he will also learn Archive, and Genny will teach him the basics of Requip. The idea is to get to a point where, by combining these forms of magic, he can become the ultimate scientific mage (reading the recipe for what he wants to create with Archive, conjuring the needed ingredients with Requip, and then proceeding to the actual creation with Weakness), going from being a wimpy kid to being a formidably capable and versatile fighter.

    List of his spells, from the weakest to the strongest:

    Tools and power ups

    Hand cannon - Think of Megaman's iconic weapon.

    Reflector Shield - If created using one element, can nullify one spell of that element.

    Jetpack - Exactly what it sounds like.

    Super legs - Empowered armor for Timo's legs, can boost his jumping and kicking power tenfold.

    SUPERDREADNOUGHT RAIL CANNON GUSTAV MAX - Always written in caps. A ridiculously big cannon whose blast is better described as a "pocket-size Etherion".

    Homunculi (basically summons, except they are not summoned, but created with alchemy)

    King - Core summon. Is always summoned and follows Timo around constantly. Doesn't have much in the way of personality, but it is sentient enough to want to protect Timo at all costs. Has huge claws it can use for offense, but it is maily a defensive unit, whose main goal is to protect the core lacrima as well as Timo himself. If this unit is destroyed, Timo's ability to summon the others is severely hindered.

    Pawn - Basic summon. Scarce mobility. Can use physical attacks, as well as an elemental beam, fired from a chest cannon. The beam in question would be alligned with whatever element was used in the Pawn's creation. Can make a maximum of 8

    Knight - Scout summon. Best mobility of all summons, but little beyond that. Looks like a centaur, can stomp on opponents or charge with a lance. Timo can ride on it for quick transportation (possibly recreating the "this is not transportation, this is a friend!" gag with Claire). Can make a maximum of 2.

    Bishop - Healer summon. Decent mobility. Can smack people with a mace, but physical combat is not its cup of tea. Can use healing spells, as well as basic ranged magic (again, the element of this magic depends on what element was used for its creation). Can make a maximum of 2.

    Rook - Tank summon. Has very bulky armor and can unleash brutally powerful physical attacks. If an element is used in its creation, it becomes completely immune to magic of that element. Can make a maximum of 2.

    Queen - Purely offensive summon. Shaped after Claire, has her same athletic abilities, in terms of strength and mobility. Its offensive spells rival, in terms of sheer power, those of an actualy Dragon Slayer, but this is still an alchemic creation, so yeah, the element it uses depends entirely on what Timo uses for its creation (it is not limited to Fire. This could be used for a gag in which Claire gets pissed at Timo, for creating a copy of her that uses a different element). Can make a maximum of 1.


    Requip - Knows only the basics of it. Used to always have handy the tools he needs for alchemy

    Archive - Can store info, dowload stuff into other people's minds, and all that jazz. Will learn over time.

    Abyss Break - Timo's uber spell. Performed by summoning fou Pawns, each allignedwith a classical element.

    Basic ideas for development:
    Much like in Lucy's case, Timo would have a double development: one in relation to the overall plot (the more he helps out the guild and becomes close with people, the more confident and adept at magic he gets), and one in relation to his own character arc (investigating his father's whereabouts, learning about his actions during the Civil War, etc etc). Like in Lucy's case, his own character arc would eventually be revealed to have deep ties with the main plot (what with his father effectively creating Claire, which in retrospect is the cause of most of the crap that happens in the plot). I am actually planning to use Timo and Claire to gender flip the relationship between Lucy and Natsu, starting as early as the first episode, when a still green Timo, in full scaredy cat mode, would be surrounded by thugs and rescued by Claire, who would then reveal herself as Fairy Tail's Fire Dragon Slayer and invite him to join.
    His relationship with Claire would see Timo start off being... Uh... Interested in Claire's "plot", then develop a genuine interest in her, something in between a downplayed Precocious Crush (he is 14 or 15, while she... Well, she is technically 11 if you think about it, but looks and acts like she's in her early twenties) and a justified Can't act perverted towards a love interest (in that Timo would have this tendence to either nosebleed or, uh... Have a slim forelock of hair that stands perfectly erect, when other women tease him, but when Claire is the one to do something that excites him, like throwing away her jacket before a battle, he would get extremely embarrassed about his own reaction and try to hide it). Eventually, as part of his character development, he would get mature enough to understand that, while Claire did come to care a great deal about him, she just doesn't see him as a potential love interest, but merely as a good friend with "you are like a little brother to me" overtones. He realizes she's out of his league, so he simply lets go... Which would mark the moment when the two truly become an effective unit, near the end of the story. Claire may or may not acknowledge the situation before or after that.

    His mom is named Lauralye and his sister is named Veela.

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Arya on Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:08 pm


    While I'm not awesome with spells, I do have some thoughts on development for him. First off, his automaton: For a name, I personally vouch for Huǒ, being a derivative of Huǒbàn, which is Chinese (romanticized) for partner. I think this gets the point across of desiring companionship, but without being too on the nose with it. Other names I considered were Fùqīn (Father), Péng (or Péngyǒu, which means friend), and Língh (or Línghún, which means soul).

    As for his development, personally I'm not a fan of love triangles, but I AM a fan of unrequited love. I think it would be neat if he initially had a crush on Claire that was unreturned by her, and so he gradually got over it and began to see her as family instead. This way he could perhaps still be manipulated by the villain (while he still is in love with her), but you don't find yourself stuck in too much of a rut when it comes to his development (which runs the risk of becoming too Claire-centric if he stays in love with her).

    I might update with spells later, but right now my brain is shutting off, so... Yeah. Either way, I really like what you have so far, and you've piqued my interest. I'll be sure to try and attend this regularly now.



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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Ami~ on Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:33 pm

    (Claire I'm soooooo sorry but I'll comment tomorrow I promise T_T I have so much work today. I'll edit this post so yea)

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:23 am

    @Ami~ wrote:(Claire I'm soooooo sorry but I'll comment tomorrow I promise T_T I have so much work today. I'll edit this post so yea)

    Lol there was no need to post just to say this, take your time :p

    And @Arya: thank you. "You have piqued my interest" is about the best compliment I can wish to receive, so again, thanks. Some things I would like to discuss:

    1) Yeah, I too am worried that Timo's development would be too Claire-centric in the long run. My main priority with him is to explore his own backstory and family situation, and I don't want it to take backseat to a sentimental situation which, to be absolutely honest, I am not sure I'd be able to write effectively. So yeah, my main idea was to simply show him as the teenager he is: a kid that age, when surrounded by the displays of... Uh... Plot Fairy Tail as a series is famous for, would react in ways that would make for good comedy. Should I leave it at that, possibly with hints that his dislike for Spark is not caused just by the family situation, and then use it in a "soft" way for his character development (as in, subtly imply that he is growing from this point of view too, but don't do anything overly dramatic with it), or should I go the "unrequieted love route"? I am personally iffy about the latter, for essentially two reasons:
    - I don't want to overuse the "infighting" plot point (Claire vs Genny and Claire vs Spark are more or less guaranteed to happen, if Timo vs Spark also happens, the heroes will spend more time fighting themselves than fighting the baddies)
    - I am not very confident in my own writing abilities, when it comes to convey unrequieted love situations

    On the other hand, you did make some convincing points in favor of it, and as far as my writing abilities go, the main purpose of this project is to improve them with your help, so yeah, I am not ruling out the option just yet. I would like to discuss it some more: there might be some "middle ground" options (like, Timo's attraction for Claire implied more strongly, but still for comedic purposes and doesn't lead to infighting, although it does lead to character growth) that we haven't considered, too.

    2) The chinese ideas for naming Timo's automaton aren't bad, but I can see some issues with those:
    - I am a fan of theme naming. Like, I believe all the names of all spells of a character should follow a theme of sorts (I would actually have Beryl lampshade this, as she would tell Claire off for not namig her spells, and she would name them for her). So yeah, giving Timo a chinese theme would cause me to completely rely on you for spells etc, because I don't know a damn thing about chinese ;-;
    - Characterization-wise, WHY would he have a chinese theme anyway? In jap media, chinese themes are usually used to show that a character is foreign, but Timo is not...
    - How do you even make that o with that weird accent? o.O

    EDIT: although come to think of it, the first issue could be solved by naming his main spells after signs of the chinese zodiac. Simple, straightforward, and effective theme, finding the chinese names around the web is simple, and at that point it makes sense for Timo's advanced automatons to be named after other chinese terms, possibly having to do with family. There is still the issue of why he would have a chinese theme to begin with, tho.

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Sun Mar 20, 2016 2:11 pm

    I'm in favor of the unrequited love angle. I won't take up huge amounts of space and it won't interfere with the plot too much yet it will still provide valuable characterization and growth for Timo. It allows you to cut out the Spark/Timo fight as Timo is well aware he doesn't stand a chance with Claire by the time the fight would have taken place, it can have him hurt but show he is intelligent and in control.

    As far as the name for spells, although the Chinese Zodiac could work i am of the mind set that with Timo, his background and history he wouldn't name his Automaton as such. Especially being that he is either European or Japanese. I would Suggest very Scientific names or Number codes. The Automaton could be "HS1" Which is a popular brand of Defibrillator called a HeartStart. You could then theme the attacks around medicine or medical procedures/Equipment. e.g. "Bonesaw" "Diamond Drill" "C17H19NO3/Morphine Punch)" I dunno just a suggestion.

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Sun Mar 20, 2016 3:32 pm

    So let's see if I can work out something serviceable, keeping everyone's suggestions in mind: we could have Timo start off being... Uh... Interested in Claire's "plot", then develop a genuine interest in her, something in between a downplayed Precocious Crush (he is 14 or 15, while she... Well, she is technically 11 if you think about it, but looks and acts like she's in her early twenties) and a justified Can't act perverted towards a love interest (in that Timo would have this tendence to either nosebleed or, uh... Have a slim forelock of hair that stands perfectly erect, when other women tease him, but when Claire is the one to do something that excites him, like throwing away her jacket before a battle, he would get extremely embarrassed about his own reaction and try to hide it). Eventually, as part of his character development, he would get mature enough to understand that, while Claire did come to care a great deal about him, she just doesn't see him as a potential love interest, but merely as a good friend with "you are like a little brother to me" overtones. He realizes she's out of his league, so he simply lets go... Which would mark the moment when the two truly become an effective unit, near the end of the story. Claire may or may not acknowledge the situation before or after that. Would this work out, in your opinion? More importantly, is this something that you, as the average readers, would be interested in reading?

    As far as his magic goes, two are the questions right now:

    1) Leaving the names aside for a moment, what could be a possible theme for what the spells actually do? I mean, I don't like the idea of having him conjure a bunch of random stuff, I would like him to create a series of items that follow some sort of theme or concept, possibly having references to alchemy that are more explicit, compared to what Wahl does in the manga. He should have a "form" he sticks to, you know, like Lyon's Maker Magic has animals, or Ul's/Ultear's has flowers: one thing I never liked about Gray is how his own theme was too generic, and got watered down considerably over time.

    2) Should the individual attacks of his automaton count as named spells (as is the case with Carl Clover, Timo's inspiration), or should it just, you know, punch people?

    If we can answer these two questions, I think that coming up with ideas to, in Arya's words, "rationalize" this or that theme for the names will be easy enough. I must admit that my own ideas on this regard are, at least now, quite generic and confused, but if Icould get a bit of an input, just to focalize on a path to follow, I am confident that I could come up with something...

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Sun Mar 20, 2016 3:46 pm

    If you want a theme for his spells i would again suggestion medicine or medical equipment but hyped up to the nth level. I feel it works with his scientific character and it could demonstrate and clinical and clean approach that Claire so obviously lacks due to her lack of control. Think Eliza and Faust from Shaman King (not sure if anybody reads or watches that but it's the best example i could think of)

    2) I think the automaton should have "Special Versions" of the standard punches and kicks so that you can have the best of both worlds. Continuing with my medical theme idea, as well as standard punches you could employ a special "defibrilator Punch" that would shock on contact of have a stronger effect.

    Not sure if any of this helps at all.

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:14 pm

    That's where you lose me: you are still suggesting a theme for names, for a generic imagery, but not a theme for what the spells should actually create. Unless you are actually suggesting that Timo should make large syringes, stethoscopes, scalpels and the likes out of thin air, which however would feel kinda weird, also because his father is (and he wants to be) an alchemist and a scientist, but not an actual medic o.O

    EDIT: unless, of course, I am completely failing to understand what you mean by" hyped to the next level", in which case, however, you should try and elaborate a bit more @.@

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Kylo Stark on Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:16 pm

    Sorry 4 the wait! Like I said in the chatbox a couple of days ago I am really excited about this! I love fan fic stories, coming up with ideas! making characters, plot, settings, relationships! I love it all! I always planned on commenting and helping out but time always got the better of me. But now I can and im really excited! So all thats left to do in order to move forward is Timo's spell and sort of fighting style which i can definitely help with.

    But my little useless two bits on Timo's relationship with Claire and how I think it should turn out. In the beginning its obvious that Timo is gonna be 'friendzoned' his admiration for Claire at first will and should go for the most part unnoticed and un-returned BUT as Timo get older and starts to fully establish himself as a powerful wizard and scientist (maybe he gets a growth spurt and is nice tall handsome young man lol) He doesn't move on because he feels she's out of his league. He moves on because he realizes he may be out of her league.

    And this should happen if they don't end up together I think they should. Its way more exciting when the nice 'friendzoned' guy gets the girl in the end. OR doesn't get the girl because he has simply moved on to better things by becoming the coolest guy on the planet lol. Then she realizes its to late and its her loss. lol (maybe a but to much, but I think you get the point)

    Now for Spells and Magic!

    You guys had already came to the conclusion that he will be very versatile combining Archive, Requip, and weakness magic is genius and fits a young genius like Timo.

    But as for a specific theme for his creations its rather hard. Because science can be so so broad. Plus i think it will limit him as far as spells go if you try and stick to a certain type of theme. In my opinion i think it would be best if you don't think of his spells as trying to stick to a certain theme. His whole theme will be science and his automatons and whatever else he may end up inventing and how that ties into his magic.

    Im gonna edit the spells in tomorrow. Really sleepy.

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:46 pm

    I was indeed suggesting he actually summon medical equipment (Syringes and the Like but much larger so they could be used as weapons e.g. Scalpel Sword, Syringe Rail Gun, Defibrilator Boxing Gloves, Microscope Sniper Rifle). I simply was suggesting Medic because it was a theme within the Science area that would be easy to work with and his very first use of magic was in a medical capacity as he performed a medical miracle keeping himself alive with the automaton. And just because he wants to be an alchemist and research scientist does not mean he has no skill in other areas. The point i was trying to get across was that the theme for the abilities should be scientific in nature rather than an out fo the blue thing like the Chinese Zodiac (no Offense Arya) So if you can think of another Scientific Theme that would work better by all means go for it. Mine was simply a suggestion for you to head towards that direction.

    I think for him to basically have his fathers move set but lesser would be awkward considering the two have never met (since he started using magic) and have very different personalities only really sharing an admiration and common goal. SO to keep mentioning his father is all well and good but without his presence the way he uses his magic is going to be extremely different because like all great scientists he figures things out through experimentation.

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Mon Mar 21, 2016 3:06 am

    Ok we are starting to go a bit off track here...
    How about this: a chess theme. A big part of his personality is that he likes to surround himself with automatons, as they make him feel less alone, right? So yeah, I was thinking that a good theme for various types of marionettes could be chess (after all, smart people play chess). So yeah, you would have a small marionette named the Pawn, a bigger one named the Bishop and so on so forth. This makes it possible to give him a total of 6 "summons" (basically, they are alchemic homunculi), a number that increases exponentially when you remember WHY the magic is called "Weakness": see, the whole point of the magic is that its user would study you, observe you, understand what is your elemental weakness, and then create a humunculus capable of exploiting that very weakness (I.E. if you are weak to, say, Water, the user of Weakness creates a humunculus specialized in using Water spells). So yeah, even the most basic creation (Pawn) would come in different flavors, so to speak, depending on the opponent's weakness...

    ...Which in turn creates another parallel with Lucy because, just like in her case, he would get more powerful "summons" over time, and he would also learn how to perform advanced combos with them (combos which would be named after famous chess plays). The big automaton that Timo never dismisses, which he carries around all the time, could be the King: see, in chess the king isn't that strong, but if he is defeated you lose. Similarly, this automaton would not be that strong, but since it has within itself the mysterious lacrima, on which Timo relies to boost his own magical power, it would be crucial for his entire battle plan. So yeah, the main point would be "protect that lacrima at all costs", and so the King would be focused entirely on defense, leaving offensive duties to other pieces. As a sweet way to hint at his feelings for Claire, he could shape the offensively strongest piece (Queen) after her. By the time he can succesfully create the Queen, Timo will have improved in the use of this magic, to the point that his creations would be fully sentient, much like Wahl's: so yeah, it could be hilarious if the Queen also had Claire's personality, resulting in the two Claires bickering in the middle of a fight.

    To round up his fighting style, Timo could also create weapons, shields and various enhancements for himself, but these would be less important spells: the bulk of his fighting style would rely on the chess pieces. In yet another parallel with Lucy, Timo could demonstrate just how much he has improved, later in the story, by using his "summons" to cast an uber spell (Lucy used Gemini to cast Urano Metria, Timo would use four Pawns, each with a different elemental allignment, to cast Abyss Break).

    As for the characteristics of the automatons, they would mirror the chess pieces they are based on:

    King - Core summon. Is always summoned and follows Timo around constantly. Doesn't have much in the way of personality, but it is sentient enough to want to protect Timo at all costs. Has huge claws it can use for offense, but it is maily a defensive unit, whose main goal is to protect the core lacrima as well as Timo himself. If this unit is destroyed, Timo's ability to summon the others is severely hindered.

    Pawn - Basic summon. Scarce mobility. Can use physical attacks, as well as an elemental beam, fired from a chest cannon. The beam in question would be alligned with whatever element was used in the Pawn's creation.

    Knight - Scout summon. Best mobility of all summons, but little beyond that. Looks like a centaur, can stomp on opponents or charge with a lance. Timo can ride on it for quick transportation (possibly recreating the "this is not transportation, this is a friend!" gag with Claire).

    Bishop - Healer summon. Decent mobility. Can smack people with a mace, but physical combat is not its cup of tea. Can use healing spells, as well as basic ranged magic (again, the element of this magic depends on what element was used for its creation).

    Tower - Tank summon. Has very bulky armor and can unleash brutally powerful physical attacks. If an element is used in its creation, it becomes completely immune to magic of that element.

    Queen - Purely offensive summon. Shaped after Claire, has her same athletic abilities, in terms of strength and mobility. Its offensive spells rival, in terms of sheer power, those of an actualy Dragon Slayer, but this is still an alchemic creation, so yeah, the element it uses depends entirely on what Timo uses for its creation (it is not limited to Fire. This could be used for a gag in which Claire gets pissed at Timo, for creating a copy of her that uses a different element).

    So yeah, versatile magic, held back by the fact that each summon can only make use of one single element (the one used in its creation), meaning that, to use multiple elements, Timo must summon multiple pieces at once, which takes a toll on his magic reserves after a while (hence why he uses four Pawns for Abyss Break: if he summoned four Queens at once, the remaining magic power wouldn't be enough to cast Abyss Break).
    The minor creations (weapons, tools etc) could probably be all sorts of stuff, things he would come up with on the fly, so we don't need to plan them out now, they will be created depending on the necessity of the moment. However, there should be at least two or three recurring ones: I was thinking of a jetpack, a hand cannon, and possibly a shield of sorts...

    Thoughts on all this?

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:39 am

    I like chess. I would suggest that he can only ever summon the amount of pieces found.on a board. Limiting him to 1 queen and 2 knights etc

    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:59 am

    So basically the maximum "army" he could summon would look like this:

    8 Pawns
    2 each of Knights, Bishops and Towers
    1 Queen

    Plus the King which is always out. I think it can work. Maybe we could have the "promotion" mechanic, which allows a Pawn, under certain circumstances, to turn into one of the other pieces? This would be an advanced technique, which would allow Timo to get more than one Queen on the field, for battles against big bad bosses later on. Such a mechanic exists in chess, so yeah, why not? Although, I'd need help figuring out what the conditions for promotion might be...

    Any particular ideas for minor creations (weapons, tools etc)? I was thinking of an arm cannon (think Megaman), a jetpack, and possibly some sort of shield, but I have little inspiration beyond that o.O

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:01 am

    Exactly! For the pawn promotion mechanic it could be something simple like killing a certain number of enemies but that seems a little boring. Though i am struggling to think of an interesting way to do it without being too complicated. Maybe have more powerful summons use multiple elements so to create a promoted pawn Timo must infuse a second element mid battle? I really don't know the mechanic could end up being quite complicated but i do think it could make for an interesting "but wait there's more" moment in a battle.

    Side note: The Tower piece is referred to as a Rook

    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Mon Mar 21, 2016 3:21 pm

    Ah yes, I always forget about that. Rook is the name. Welp, I am rationalizing everything and editing Timo's post. As for the promotion mechanic, I think we can afford leaving it on hold for now, as it wouldn't come up until much later anyway. And come to think of it, I very well might manage to sort Timo's battles out witout it.

    I will also put everyone's suggestions concerning Timo's development (and his relationship with Claire) in his post: anyone want to say anything else about him? Because if not, I am posting a new character before departing for my hometown, so that you guys can post feedback while I am away.


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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Arya on Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:46 pm

    So I know I kinda ducked out of the topic earlier, but I was really trying to figure out an angle for where the Chinese Zodiac might come from, but honestly you guys figured something much more fitting and in-depth while I was gone. Ah well, sorry for that.

    Anyway, last thing I want to re-iterate on Timo just so this post actually has a point besides apologizing: If you are going down the road for a romantic subtext for Timo towards Claire, it can't be his main personality trait. One of my biggest problems with Fairy Tail is the fact that despite many of the characters being fleshed out in certain arcs, they instantly revert back to their gimmick once they are finished with it (see: Cana and Tenrou Tree Arc). Timo is in less danger of this than most of FT's characters due to being a prominent character, but if you rely too much on his crush on Claire, he'll simply become known as the "dude who has a crush on Claire", as opposed to a legitimate character with feelings and a complex backstory.

    Anyway, I just wanted to reiterate that, as it will probably require quite a bit of nuance when it comes to actually writing it, and maintaining that balance.


    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:54 am

    Arya, don't worry. There is no way, and I really mean NO WAY, that Timo could ever turn out to be a flat character. There are way too many layers to his personality, too much depth to the evolution of his fighting style, too much important twists and events in his backstory and development. I can guarantee, Timo will be exactly the awesome character you (as in, all of you, not just Arya) expect and desire him to be.

    However, there is another character who is at a serious risk of turning out flat. Well she already is "flat", specially when compared to the ultra-busty Claire, but now I am talking about an entirely different kind of "flat". She is the reason why I wanted to wrap up discussion on Timo so quickly: I wanted to post her ASAP, because I will need A LOT of help figuring her out. Without further ado:

    Raspberyl "Beryl" Valentine


    Height: 142 cm (4'7.9")
    Weight: 37 kg (81.6 lbs)
    Apperance: Beryl is mostly pink. She has pink eyes, pink hair characterized by an elaborate hairstyle, held in place, you guessed it, by pink hairpins. She wears a pink minidress that exposes her back, so that her (pink) guild tattoo is immediately visible. The minidress comes with detatched sleeves, which are pink. She wears high platform shoes which are... Black. Just kidding, they are pink. Her Exceed companion, Amanda, is also pink.
    Short and slim, her body is actually quite well proportioned for her size. She's the esident pettanko, which of course puts her at odds with all the busty ladies in the cast. Joking about her cup size is a surefire way to piss her off.
    Guild Tattoos: Pink, at the base of her neck, between her shoulder blades.


    Overview: Beryl is energetic, positive and happy-go-lucky. She also has a hammy streak, which emerges whenever she is talking about anything involving love. Come to think of it, considering that she always finds way to bring up love, in virtually any conversation or situation, this effectively means that she is always ham-ing it up. Cheerful and enthusiastic, she is known to have a very contagious, heartwarming smile. Most people in Magnolia love her, and her Exceed companion, Amanda, absolutely venerates her, to the point of calling her "Onee-sama", and always taking her side no matter what. The two basically grew together and thus, despite being of different species, they actually are as close as sisters. Those who have to deal with the duo daily can sometimes grew exasperated with her antics, simply because she never slows down, she never lowers her voice, she never stops to read the mood ro analyze a situation: she is always going full speed ahead, as hammy, as loud, as enthusiastic as she can possibly be, preaching about the power of love all the way. Needless to say, Claire finds her to be a major pain in the ass.


    Love: And if you are not aware of how awesome the power of love is, she will be happy to explain it to you.

    Naming stuff: She has lots of fun coming up with nicknames for people, names for spells, and whatnot. Her favorite target is Claire, to the latter's eternal annoyance.

    Arts: In her words, "art is the most sublime form of love". She is surprisingly knowledgeable when it comes to any form of art, from painting to music to literature (this will come in handy at least once throughout the story). She wishes she could use her power for the sake of actual art, and not to fight magic battles.


    Claire's attitude: She considers Claire to be her biggest rival. Why? Easy: because she does not understand the power of love! And what's up with her eternally dissatisfied, scowling expression? Somebody must break through her barriers and make her defrost. And Beryl has sworn that she will be the one.

    People who don't understand arts: What, you don't know the difference between surrealism and abstractism? You illiterate brute! How can you hope to understand love like that?

    Busty women: Well of course. As the resident pettanko, this is a given.


    Making Claire fall in love: After all, if there is something that can break that girl out of her shell, it's the power of love!

    Becoming the master of Fairy Tail: And after achieving that, she plans on renaming the guild "Fairy Love", change the symbol to a big heart, and make its primary goal to spread the message of love around the world. To this end, she daily plots schemes to oust/dethrone/incapacitate/outright murder Genny, which she then discusses with the other members of the guild, including Genny herself.

    Helping Amanda reunite with her family: Amanda was born from an egg which Genny found, and gave her as a gift. Nobody really knows how an Exceed egg ended up in the East Forest, and in the middle of the Civil War to boot, but Beryl intends to find out, so that Amanda can finally get to meet her parents.


    Losing Amanda: As cheerful and happy-go-lucky as she is, Beryl is very emotionally dependant on Amanda. One of the main reasons why she can maintain her constantly positive outlook on life is that the talking cat is always there to support her. If something happened to Amanda, Beryl would be devastated.

    Not finding love: As much as she is hellbent in spreading the message of love around the world, and in helping other people open up to it, she doesn't seem to be able to find the right person for herself. And the idea of finishing her days alone, having missed her chance to experience the joy she so steadfastly promotes for others, genuinely scares her.

    Drowning: She cannot swim to save her life, so this is a very real, practical fear. Expect it to come into play at least once throughout the story.

    Powers and fighting style:
    Beryl uses Song Magic, which basically allows her to warp reality not unlike Rustyrose from the anime... On one condition: she must describe the phenomena she wants to happen with a song. So yeah, you won't find spells listed here, because this magic is so versatile, it can potentially be used for anything. It's complex activation clause makes it highly impractical, specially at close quarters, so Beryl relies on Amanda to fly her out of harm's way while she prepares her songs.

    Basic ideas for development:
    Beryl is an orphan who was raised in the guild. The idea is that she deliberately chose to become the hyperactive, energetic, happy-go-lucky girl she is today because, as a kid, she saw the despair of Fairy Tail's members when the previous master was killed in the Civil War... So she decided to do her best to cheer everyone up. Her role as the optimistic idealist will be deconstructed and recostructed multiple times throughout the story, but she is a comedic relief character at her core, and she will stay that way even when things come crashing down on her.

    As usual, any further comments will be taken note of here.

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:06 pm

    Ideas for development: You said that you don't want Beryl to have a deep dark backstory which is fine but for her to have motivation or purpose, the darkness could be shifted. being raised in the guild she actually has more experience than others and understands the importance of a positive attitude within the guild. Being raised in a world where so many of her guild mates often went missing or were returning with heavy hearts she would always try her best to raise the spirits of her guild mates through songs or simply by smiling.She could learn the importance of happiness from the same mentor Genny had to build familial connection and show how the guild once was and the influence the past had on current members of the guild.

    Another fear could be depression. She is always so confident and happy and she knows it. She knows that she is essentially the heart of the team but she isn't obnoxious about it because she knows if she were to lose her smile The team would fall apart. Each character in the team brings something to the team creating a chaotic balance that if one were to leave would leave the team in disarray. Knowing she always needs to be happy could motivate her to keep strong but scare her in case she loses he cool.

    Another fear could be a less Story based idea. She could fear the water because she can't swim or heights because of a childhood experience etc. Being scared of heights could created some difficult and funny moments with amanda using Aera magic.

    Magic: I suggest something Akin to Guitar Magic which would give her control over listeners http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Guitar_Magic obviously it would be changed to work with Beryl's character.

    I dunno. Ideas.

    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:29 pm

    On her being raised by the guild: did I say it? o.O
    Although, I must admit it's a cool idea.

    On her playing the role of the genki girl on purpose, for the sake of making her companions smile: I like it a lot, definitely using it.

    On her being afraid of depressionn: but that is kinda linked to the fear of losing Amanda, isn't it?

    On her non-plot fear: cannot be heights, because I want Amanda flying her around to be part of her fighting style. Water, however in the form of her being unable to swim, is cool: could be used for comedy early on, and for drama (villain throwing her to her watery death) later on.

    On guitar magic: but that is kinda heavy metal, which doesn't go very well with her image of little plucky girl... So yeah, I think she should stick to either singing (becoming a sort of magical idol singer) or to painting (as a homage to Beryl from Tales of Hearts).
    In particular, my main doubt is: which one would work bettee in a WRITTEN fanfic, where people cannot see the paintings nor listen to the songs?

    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:09 pm

    Ok so, as I was fearing, this topic has been kinda dead during my stay in my hometown. Given my IRL situation this was probably to be expected: still, tomorrow I am going back to Bologna (finally), so yeah, I want to make up for the lost time, and progress as much as possible. I had some new ideas, I really cannot wait to start writing this thing, but I still need a lot of help "filling up the world" before I can do that.

    So yeah, any more feedback on Beryl? As mentioned, she's kind of a complicated character, so I will need all the help I can get with her...

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Night Okari on Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:51 am

    Well I do have a question, sorry, you say that she may use Pict magic and having her wield a giant paintbrush to draw her own magic circles. Which it is? Or is she going to use the paint for Pict?

    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:01 pm

    @Night Okari wrote:Well I do have a question, sorry, you say that she may use Pict magic and having her wield a giant paintbrush to draw her own magic circles. Which it is? Or is she going to use the paint for Pict?

    Yeah, the idea is that she would do both things. Like, draw something and that something comes to life, or draw a magic circle to cast a spell that doesn't have a physical form. Like I dunno, to make a wild boar appear she'd draw an actual wild boar, while to control the winds she'd draw a magic circle.

    But again, I am conflicted between this idea and Song Magic. Mostly because both have some limitations, in a WRITTEN fanfic. Your opinion on this?

    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:12 am

    I don't think the limitations are a severe as you think. either could work perfectly well enough in the story i do like the idea of the giant paint brush though something about it just seems good fun. As long as you are descriptive enough though i think either will be without issue.

    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

    Post by Claire Anderson on Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:23 am

    Ok so, edited the OP to provide more detailed info for newcomers, as well as removing all reference to... Well, you know what.

    Anyway, we are still stuck in regards to Beryl's magic: I am actually leaning more towards painting than music tight now, but both have their merits. I really cannot think of a decisive character in favor of either.

    As far as her development goes, here is what I managed to put together, with the feedback I got so far:

    1) Unlike my initial idea, Beryl would be an orphan, who was pretty much raised in the guild.

    2) As part of the above, she spent her childhood in a guild that was heavily involved in the Civil War, and saw how much everyone suffered when the former guild master died. She therefore decided to become the energetic, cheerful, over the top girl she is today, in an attempt to cheer everyone up.

    3) Amanda is her only true family, hence why she is so attached to her. Losing the cat could very well shatter her cheerful facade and leave her a crying mess. She also cannot swim to save her life, which at some point will come up in rather literal terms.

    So yeah, we have added some serious background that JUSTIFIES her current comedic antics, but does not remove them or push them in a corner: Beryl is still first and foremost a comedic character.
    As part of her "approve of every form of love", she would be bicurious: this is an idea that was suggested by Kylo in the chat.

    Anything else? Is this enough to save her from the risk of becoming a monodimensional character?

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    Re: Community fanfiction project: Phase 2

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