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    Kylo Stark


    Kylo Stark

    Post by Kylo Stark on Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:33 pm

    “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

    Name: Kylo Stark
    Nickname/Alias: The Gold One, Ky, Weilder of the Codex, Young Sage, The Gold Wolf
    Gender: M
    Age: 19
    Birthday: march 2nd
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Race: Human

    Personality:  If there is one thing about Kylo's persona it's his pure determination and undying will to overcome. The kid simply doesn't give in no matter what the situation is; and has a ridiculous resolve matched by no one. His resolve and guts not only 'get others irritated." but can even leave people to ponder about his magnificence. Ky like his teacher has the skill to surpass the instincts of mankind meaning he is a person ready to die whenever he fights. He doesn't feel fear when fighting no matter what the enemy is, and he does not abandon himself in fear, instead he strikes fear into his opponents.

    One thing is certain Kylo is exactly what the rumors say he is rude, lewd, vulgar, greedy, arrogant and aggressive. He can be extremely blunt, exuberant and hot headed. He says whatever is on his mind and doesn't really care who he is talking to or who he is in front of. Doesn't really care for formality or social standings in today's society,Ky doesn't carry any respect for anyone really, unless they have somehow earned said respect. Regardless of who they are or where they come from he refuses to bow to anyone, no matter what kind of danger he might find himself in. Despite these traits, he somehow manages to retain a certain rough charm about himself which tends to make him a little likable some of the time. Despite his aggressive demeanor Kylo doesn't wish harm on people who can't handle it. Because of his background in criminal activity, fending for oneself to survive, stealing, and gang trouble he can easily find himself in trouble time and time again. He believes in doing for yourself and the ones close to you. During his childhood he had no one to rely on other then himself so that reflects on his persona today. Which is why he comes off as selfish and greedy.

    While on the other hand he has his moments of enlightenment, compassion, Charisma and serene elements. He does have high beliefs but not in religiousness; but more in strength of character and endearment. He believes in dreams, and that one can achieve everything they desire in life, he calls it "Personal Legends.". Though at times he does tend to use his philosophy to do what he pleases like partying, drinking, hitting on women, and pushing people to fight him. Though he tends to use his idealism for minuscule things, in moments of seriousness he can truly inspire others to follow their true dreams. And has never wavered from his own path. It was this mindset that he overcame extreme odds, and even slavery. It was also this mindset of his that helped him find his brother Rai. His brother as of right now is the person he cares for most in the world. He would do anything to protect his brother without a second thought would give his life for his brother's.

    He also believes that all things are one in the world, and that everything is connected. And one can truly understand what this means when you can hear the language of the world and see it's soul. "The soul of the world, connects all things." and he truly believes this making him somewhat complex for his character, who is often only seen being rude and causing trouble.
    He is rather laid back and calm when not worked up about something. He spends a decent amount of time meditating, and examining the world around him. He is able to learn many things just from listening to the soul of the world and becoming attune to it. He is a fun loving person, in fact everything he does is for his own enjoyment his humor is truly unique.

    In battle Kylo embraces adaptability, versatility and the instinct to observe over anything else. His fighting style matches this forethought heavily. He has pioneered his fighting style to observe everything and be able to react and adapt to it. His own movements are swift and precise lethal when executed properly. The versatility stems from the thought of being formless, and unique. He absorbs what is useful, discards what is not and adds what is uniquely his own. Constantly adding and changing to his fighting style keeping his opponents on their toes.

    He can come off having a rather cocky attitude in battle and out, and not above throwing his opponents off with his slick mouthy banter. He is shown to be very energetic and optimistic to delude his opponents into thinking something else. Despite being just a human Kylo gives off a god like presence and feeling. As if he stands above the gods themselves.

    “It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

    Animals: In contrast to his very 'rough' and 'cool' demeanor. Who usually doesn't think twice about causing a stir. Ky has very soft spot for animals. He can never really find it in himself to hurt one, and often goes out of his way to protect a furry little creature in harm's way.

    Gambling/Games: Kylo is a fierce competitor but not only when it comes to fighting. He has quite an addiction to gambling his favorite game being poker. He also loves playing games and of course winning at them. Any type of game, gamble, or sport Ky is most ready to take in.

    Lotus flowers: His favorite flower, and one of his favorite things in the world. Lotus flowers represent fortune and enlightenment. Rising and blooming above the murk to achieve great fortune. His grandmother showed him these flowers one time explaining their meaning and how much he can relate to them. They remind him that he must rise and bloom from all the murk and ugly things in life to achieve great fortune and enlightenment.

    Hobbes: Little ugly dwarf goblin creatures. He hates them with a passion. Why? Because everything that he usually has, they take from him.Hobbes mostly live in caves or underground tunnels. They don't speak English instead a warped scratched 'hobbe' language that Kylo seems to understand and speak as well. He actually grew up dealing with hobbes ever since he was young, always meddling in affairs of his from small petty jobs, to big ones. What makes it funny is no one ever believes him on his story about hobbes and their meddling.

    Snobby rich: Now he loves the gambling he loves money, but he hates people that abuse their power. He usually makes it a vendetta to take everything they got. Just because he can.

    Closed Minded: He doesn't dislike allot of things, because he keeps an open mind just about all day everyday. But one of the few things he does dislike his closed minded people, people who don't want to broaden their thoughts.

    Books: Being born as a slave Ky has never been taught to read or write. He has tried on many occasions to only meet failure. Because of this he has a misplaced 'hatred' for books and things of the sort.

    “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

    His Nightmares: It is a rare occurrence that Ky will have nightmares of his past. He fears them but also hates himself for falling to them as he should be able to overcome any and all of his fears.

    Failing his personal legends: Kylo is afraid that he won't live up to all his personal goals and dreams. He won't admit it but he is afraid that he will die before achieving anything.

    Fish: Quite an odd fear but it is very true and even more real. Kylo can't stand the site of fish they literally scare him. He would either freeze up and pass out, or just spazz out for hours. He fears the look of them, their big gooey eyes, their feel of their slimy wet skin, and even the smell of them being so rancid.

    The Soul of the World: Despite his initial characteristics Ky is mostly interested in the "Soul of the World" Basically figuring out how the world works and how everything connects.  

    To never 'kneel' again: Being a slave when he was younger had quite a toll on his mindset and determination. For his own growth of character Kylo has promised himself to never kneel or be a slave to anyone.  

    Simply to be the Best!: Kylo's inspiration is truly quite simple, it is to be the best. Simple and plain he wants to be the best and to be the best you have to win and that's what drives him. Every fight he fights to win, to better himself, to rise. His inspiration is to prove himself as one of the best in Fiore and leave a trailblazer legacy.  

    Restore the Stark Legacy: Kylo and his brother Rai true main motive above all else is to restore the name of Stark to it's former glory. Find what is left of their lost family, and bring them all together and have the House of Stark to be powerful once again!

    To find a cure: Kylo is searching for a cure to sickness. Upon using the magic from the Codex and it being incomplete Kylo's body is rejecting the mana intake making him quite sick from time to time. He is searching for a cure and refuses to die before the Stark name is rebuilt.

    Hair: Dark Brown/ Long
    Eyes: Golden/Yellow
    Skin: Brown
    Height: 6 feet
    Weight: 175

    As for appearance Kylo's first noticeable trait is his pretty tall height standing at a 6'2 in height at his age is pretty impressive. His body type is really athletic from all the excess training he does keeping his body in prime form at all times. He is very slender but really well cut and muscled showing and proving great strength. His face pretty thin and angular often has a innocent look on, or a determined one when in a serious brawl. His hair his black and spiky even a little messy, some of his hair comes down in bangs right over his eyes. In the back its pretty long coming down to his mid back. His eyes stand out the most from anything about his appearance. They are very bright and full golden yellow.

    As for clothing Ky keeps a very unique form of clothing, he prefers very light clothing and tries to wear as less as possible. Not a big fan of heavy armors and things of the sort. He prefers simple T-shirts and sleeveless shirts with either loose pants or slimmer ones. He mostly wears unique footwear like red sneakers or combat boots from time to time. He will wear hoodies and always have one tied around his waist, he admires jewelry often having on bracelets and things of the sort.

    His clothing varies from time to time, he likes to wear very casual clothes but will often opt for a different outfit depending on his tasks.
    A sleeveless, black shirt, this is unbuttoned, with no buttons to have freedom of movement, thus revealing his rather muscular figure. Along with this, he wears form-fitting faded black pants and black, military boots which he remarks are easy to move in. Finishing the attire off, he wears an assortment of black gloves, and wears a variety of long coats.

    He keeps a surprisingly vast closet of clothing, thanks to his old friend and dependent Adelly who is constantly supplying him with new clothing that she thinks best fit him. His total closet consisting of numerous scoop neck, V neck t-shirts of all colors. Hoodies, and thin jackets. Roomy and stretchy pants some even loose fitting to have free mobility when fighting. He has many sweat pants and combat pants but barely wears them. The reason this comes as a surprise is because Rai likes to wear as less clothing as possible. He is constantly taking off his clothes at random times, making sure to be truly loose and free.

    Special Characteristics:

    "Those Eyes Boy they gonna get you killed one of these days"

    - Kylo's eyes happen to be very striking, a yellow and golden color that does not go unnoticed. Striking not only in color but in character as well. Eyes are the window to the soul and Ky's soul is very fierce.

    - Kylo has a noticeable cross mark on his neck. The mark represents his time as slave when he was a adolescent. At times he doesn't really care for it or what people think of it.

    -He has a large scar on his arm right under his shoulder, and on the right side of his chest. He doesn't like talk much about the history of his scar.

    "If you wanna go! Let's fucking go then! I'll kick your ass again and again and again till you get the fucking point! Don't fuck with me or my brother!"

    Guild: Wolf Revenant
    Guild Mark Location: Left Chest
    Guild Mark Color: Black
    Rank: B Rank

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    Re: Kylo Stark

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