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    Joe Wiccan


    Joe Wiccan

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:54 pm

    Name: Joseph James Wiccan
    Nickname/Alias: Joe, JJ
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Birthday: August 10th
    Sexual Orientation: Straight (with a thing about bondage)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Race: Human

    Personality: Joe is your average pissed off youth. Disenfranchised with the world, he finds everything a disappointment and feels as if his choices make no impact, he is just looking for an opportunity to lash out at authority and the world around him. He acts recklessly and without regard for others showing that he has quite a propensity to being extremely selfish only really engaging in actions that suit him, allowing him to get his kicks or sustain his destructive lifestyle. He will often engage in acts of sexual promiscuity and drunken violence due to a lack of real ambition in his life leading him to being dislike by many of his peers due to a seeming disregard for anyone. His recklessness often gets him into difficult situation that he struggles to cope with and considering his lack of friends it often means he ends up in a bad way a lot of the time.

    His negative personality traits are due to a poor upbringing and lack of a father figure making him a very emotionally damaged young man and his aggressive acts can be seen as cries for attention. He was never really taught how to act and as such is very confused, something he often hides as he struggles to deal with his emotions, this is the primary reason for his self destructive behavior. Not knowing how to deal with emotions can lead to a multitude of things from aggressive outburst to fits of uncontrollable depression during which he will lock himself away in an effort to force the emotions away.

    Joe is not all hate and venom however, he cares extremely strongly for those he allows to get close. He will often insult and berate them but he loves them dearly and is fiercely loyal to his friends, few as they may be. As well as this he also tends to be a good listener. Despite engaging in a lot of poor behavior he is a fun loving person often wanting to engage in as much fun as possible making him lively and in some cases even quite charismatic. On the whole he is a damaged , broken but not unfixable human being.

    Bondage: Joe is very promiscuous and likes to try his luck with ladies more often than he should but whenever he manages to get a lady to the bedroom, he shows his extreme confidence by letting his partners in on his biggest kink. Bondage. He loves rope, ribbon, chains, being tied up tying people up. It is a huge turn on for him.
    Drinking: Often one for engaging in self destructive behavior Joe is a huge fan of Drinking alcohol. He drinks to excess and often makes a fool of himself but he feels happy when he drinks and he has a good time doing it o he doesn't care about the hangovers or the consequences of drinking.
    Reading: Despite often engaging in self-destructive behavior and acting very much as a "Jack the Lad" Joe can be surprisingly insightful and intelligent as he spends a lot of his time alone reading.  He finds it is a way to pass the time when drink and rugs are nowhere to be found.
    Lectures: Joe has had enough lectures to last a life time and hearing people try to talk him into changing his way serves no purpose other than to annoy him and make him want to continue.
    Bullies: Joe might be a dick, but he isn't a bully. If he ever sees somebody picking on his friends or somebody undeserving, he will act on it whether he gets beaten to a pulp or not, it's about making a stand.
    Prudes: People who are very restrained and reserved irritate Joe, they are boring to him and feels that they are simply conveying an act.
    Father: If Joe were to ever meet his father he does not know how he would react. Even the slightest mention of Gary Wiccan can throw Joe through a loop. It messes with his head and hurts him more than he would like to admit.
    Feelings: It is quite a broad fear but Joe is scared of his emotions, he has little to no idea how to deal with them and they often result in him causing a scene of breaking down. His lack of understanding and the powerful effect they have on people make him extremely scared and extreme damaged.
    Large bodies of Water: Joe never learned to swim as a child. It was just one of those things that fell to the wayside and he never really took the effort to learn. As a result of never learning to swim Large bodies of water make Joe uncomfortable. It is not a crippling fear but it is enough to make him uneasy.  
    Attention: Everything Joe does is for attention. Deep down he is extremely damaged and requires a lot of help, though he might not accept it he knows he needs it and therefore acts out in order to find real help.
    Make Dad proud: Although he does not know his father, he has heard stories of the man and he seeks to emulate him and "make daddy proud" it's something that leads to a lot of bad situations but it also makes him want to be a better man. Sometimes.

    Hair: Black, Medium/Short length messy hair.
    Eyes: Purple
    Skin: White
    Height: 5ft 11in
    Weight: 180lbs
    Appearance: Joe is slightly taller than average standing at just under six feet tall though his height is enough to give him presence when entering a room. Taking away form this presnece somewhat is his build. Joe is a slim man with little muscle, though people often mistake his slight build for weakness this is far from the case. Something every noticeable about Joe is that his skin is an almost unblemished porcelain white, having such perfect skin is very strange considering the damage that he so willingly inflicts on his body on a daily basis. He cares very little for his appearance choosing to leave his messy hair hanging down an unkempt manner with straggly strands of hair often creeping below his browline. his chin is often unshaven leaving him with a bit of messy stubble giving him a scratchy chin.  He have very little in the way of discerning features, no tattoos, no scars, the only thing of any real note in his appearance is his hazy purple eyes.

    When it comes to fashion Joe Wiccan is of the mind that style is forever and once something is in style it will forever be that way. This belief stands true for Joe considering he only ever wears suits, scruffy as they may be. He accents this suit with a pair of deep, dark sunglasses and a silver badge on one of his lapels.
    Special Characteristics: Purple eyes.


    Guild: Caduceus Scale
    Guild Mark Location: Left side of Neck
    Guild Mark Color: Dark Purple
    Rank: B
    Face Claim: Jolly - Aracana Famiglia

    Re: Joe Wiccan

    Post by Silver Wolf on Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:33 am


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