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    [DONE] General Zaroff


    [DONE] General Zaroff

    Post by Silver Wolf on Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:16 pm

    General Zaroff
    "We are hunters or game, but rarely both. Knowing our role, and the crucial moment when that role shifts is the key to survival in this place."

    Name: "General" Zaroff [First Name is Unknown]
    Nickname/Alias: General Zaroff/Silver Wolf || Alias: Viktor Howard d'Blakc
    Gender: Male
    Age: Ageless; Appears 27
    Birthday: October 13th
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Race: Spirit-Borne

    Personality:   To describe the great General Zaroff would be simply scraping the surface of what can only be seen. For in truth, no one truly knows what it is that the General hides or what he truly is thinking. Yet regardless of this fact, one can say for certainty that General Zaroff is a man of many pursuits. For him, it matters not of how ‘impossible’ things are. Just that they are possibilities that man has not attempted to conquer as of yet. As such, that simplistic 'im-' has never been one to stop him.

    Therefore, it is safe to say that Zaroff will do whatever it takes to make things go his way and obtain what he wants. To his advantage though, he tends to be quite a charismatic man when he wants to be although he does have that ‘ice prince’ kind of attitude. Yet, to his great disadvantage, he tends to ignore the lingering thought and possibility of 'if I don't succeed?' This tends to put him behind in schedule for he may, at times, overestimate himself and underestimate the situation at hand.

    Needless to say, Viktor (the General's alias name) is a very, very calculating man. The General is someone who does not do something without having an idea and alternate purpose in mind. This tending to evidently give him an aura of 'I do what I want.' Furthermore, the General is someone who will stop at nothing to accomplish his one true goal. He is always looking for openings in order to extend his influence and power. This being one of the reasons in why he banished Elizabeth Pryde from this world.

    Due to his personality and goals, it is of no surprise that Viktor has made many enemies throughout his lifetimes. It would also be of no surprise if he had bounties placed on him from powerful enemies that wish him dead. Yet, one cannot deny the fact that the General has made many allies that protect him as well. This provides a balance between these two opposing forces although the tides can shift to his disadvantage at any given time. This makes him a very cautious man, taking the initiative to cover himself behind a veil of twisted truths and power.
    Contrary to his goals, ideas, and what many may think, the General does not care much for world domination. In fact, the true motive he has is to shape the worlds to his own image and desires. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the General seems to be looking down and or talking down to people. After all, the soldier is a person who is and believes himself to be of high stature both in- and out- worldly affairs.  

    Yet, the one thing that has been made very clear since the very start of Viktor's history is that the General is a man of the hunt. More specifically, he is a predator. And, in this case, in more ways that one. As to how this portrays the General would simply be that he is nothing short of a leader as well as holds himself true to the path of conquering and obtaining for what he believes in

    Furthermore, he has learned throughout his life the ways to manipulate situations and events to his benefit and advantage -a true politician. Yet, to his great disadvantage, must forever watch his back. For, if he relaxes from his his hidden paranoia, it could be that it may come to pass. Interestingly enough, the General is not afraid to use force in public. Yet, when using it, he makes sure that this cannot affect him in any way. Or, that it will be of least consequences but with the most advantage.  Still, he believes that the power of words is of the most powerful degree.  

    Though there are many upsides to the General, he is far from perfect. For, among his many downsides is the fact that he cannot portray and show emotion. As to why this is, it is because he doesn't know how. Having lived in a world where men were whipped into being a 'man,' Viktor grew up being just that. Unable to express himself, he shut that part of him out and poured himself into becoming the vision of man itself. As such, he knows no feelings of love, happiness, or even sadness. This makes him quite naive in the ways of how one.

    As mentioned above, he is a man who has not known love. He has had passions of what many would consider atrocious and inhumane desires and wants, but he pays it no mind. After all, no one has ever lived to tell of his most loved of passions, the hunt. Zaroff is someone who cares little about people and their needs. If he does show care, then it is safe that he has something planned or just doesn’t want to create a problem by simply dismissing them.

    Despite his demeanor, the General is not a cheater. He will not cheat and would never dream of it. He is a man who will do things to the best of his abilities. In battle, Zaroff is the type of leader that will lead his men to battle. He is unafraid of death and therefore not afraid to jump into a bloodbath. Rarely, he would do so without a plan for he is a tactician. After all, a General must know what it is he is getting himself into when leading his men to a fight.

    1. Hunting - Zaroff finds great enjoyment in the thrill of the hunt. This hobby of his has declared him and earned him the title of an expert sharpsman, causing many competitions to ban him from entering them entirely.
    2. Women - As a man, Zaroff tends to find pleasure within the company of women in more ways than one. Even so, he prefers them at his own time and at his own want.
    3. Blood - Zaroff is quite sadistic in nature. Therefore, it is no surprise that he tends to go overboard in methods of obtaining information and gathering intell.
    4. Politics - The General is a man of royal blood with great expertise within the realm of laws and politics. For him, it is but a game of the hunt in which he finds great enjoyment in.

    1. Clingy Women - Born into wealth and prestige, Zaroff is a man whom many women seek in order to obtain status. As such, he has grown quite tired of their desperate attempt to gain his favor.
    2. Smart Talk - Zaroff is a man who, when leading a team, is direct, firm and strict. In other words, his word is law. Therefore, smart talk is one of his pet peeves and will not take to it kindly.
    3. Whiny Men - The General takes the saying "be a man" very seriously. So, when his men begin to whine and complain, he makes sure that they suffer indirectly in order to 'whip them into shape.' This is usually seen through many of his training exercise.
    4. Boredom - General Zaroff detests being bored. He cannot stand not doing anything and may often go out of his way to start trouble in order to give him something to do. This does not happen frequently as he wishes to avoid the trouble it may bring about.

    1. Not Leaving Behind a Son - The General knows that death is unavoidable so he therefore wishes to leave behind a male heir in order for him to take over the family name. After all, his own daughter and chosen heir were, in his eyes, an embarrassment to his legacy.
    2. Dying - It is not dying in itself that Zaroff fears for he has transcended the world of Pandora -a spirit world. But, rather, he fears not dying an honorable death; a “man’s” death.
    3. Loving - General Zaroff is a realistic man. Therefore, love is not in his agenda nor does he wish it to be. Therefore, to ‘fall in love’ would be a thought considered detestable.

    1. Large Game - Being a man of the hunt, Zaroff is always motivated to hunt bigger and more dangerous game. As to what it is, only two have lived to tell the tale.
    2. Death - General Zaroff is a man who is not afraid to stare death down. He finds great thrill in cheating it and so oftentimes may be seen taking on jobs that prove to be larger than his rank.
    3. Revenge - General Zaroff seeks revenge and will stop at nothing to finally have blood spilling throughout the streets.

    Hair: Sandy Blond [Almost White]
    Eyes: Deep Sea Blue [Glows Red Under Certain Emotions]
    Skin: Fair Complexion
    Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
    Weight: 213lbs.

    Special Characteristics:
    1. The General has two straight, long scars that run across his back in the shape of an X.
    2. He has a glowing symbol of a star that shines within his eyes when feeling negative feelings as well as with the use of his magic. This gives no abilities whatsoever and is simply just for show and RP flavor.

    Guild: Wanderer
    Guild Mark Location: On the Back of His Hand
    Guild Mark Color: Deep, Sapphire Blue
    Rank: D



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    Re: [DONE] General Zaroff

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