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    Pet Regulations


    Pet Regulations

    Post by The Collector on Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:14 pm

    Pet Rules and Information
    Each member of the site is permitted to have pets. These pets can be simple companions or combat pets that fight with you at all times. All can accompany you on missions, though their type depends on whether or not they can participate in battles, as well as whether or not they can be die. Pets can be anything from a hawk to a small dragon, or a dog big enough for you to ride around. You get to make the decision of which pet is best for you. The type of pets are as follows:

    Companion Pets:
    These pets are free at all ranks, as they are only used for companionship, and have no use in battle. These pets can know no spells, but they may have one non-combat ability, such as speaking or flying. These abilities are of Apprentice rank, and no higher.

    If you wish to change your Companion Pet to a Combat Pet, you must do a training thread of at least 500 words and purchase a Companion Rank Up in the shop in order to train their first Apprentice combat ability. After that, they go on as any other Combat Pet.

    Combat Pets:
    Combat Pets are pets you can bring into battle with you. These pets come in all shapes and sizes and can all be bought at the store. Each ability gained per rank up must be equal in power to the rank it was gained at. Typically, each pet gains one ability per rank. If you so wish, two abilities can be combined into a single ability that is one rank higher. For example, you may combine two Apprentice ability to make one novice ability. This, however, would mean that you lose those two apprentice ability slots. Combat Pets have fewer spell abilities than a Support Pet, and no defensive spells, but also have the ability of physical combat, which Support Pets are too frail to handle.

    Apprentice: 2 spells
    Novice: 3 spells
    Adept: 4 spells
    Expert: 5 spells
    Master: 6 spells

    Support Pets:
    Support Pets are pets that do not fight but do participate in the battle. They are pets that specialize in support techniques, such as speed increases, healing, protective spells, defensive spells and any other typical supporting spells. They are, however, extremely frail and unable to enter in actual combat, merely supporting from the back. The health of a Support Pet is easily declined. A hit of a spell the same rank as a pet would deal the rank of a spell one rank higher, while a spell of one rank below will deal the same amount of damage a spell of the same rank would deal a Combat Pet. However, Support Pets know more spells than the typical combat pet to make up for their frailty. They gain 2 spells per rank, except for when they're purchased at Apprentice rank. If you so wish, two abilities can be combined into a single ability that is one rank higher. For example, you may combine two Apprentice ability to make one novice ability. This, however, would mean that you lose those two Apprentice ability slots.

    Apprentice: 1 spell
    Novice: 3 spells
    Adept: 5 spells
    Expert: 7 spells
    Master: 9 spells

    Pet Information:
    Combat Pets, Support Pets, and Legendary pets can be killed in combat at any rank. A dead pet cannot be revived, but a new one can be purchased. Like any other mage, they start at the beginning of a thread with 100% HP, and lose HP as attacked depending on their type. To find the HP ranges for attacks, visit the Magic Rules. Combat Pets, Support Pets, and Legendary pets can typically speak to some extent, though there is the occasional Combat Pet or Support Pet that can understand speech, but not speak themselves. However, it is very rare to find a Combat or Support pet that has the same amount of human speech capability as the average dog.

    Some pets that are purchased at lower ranks can be ranked up over time. The requirements for training a pet are as follows:

    D -> C Rank: 1000 WC training thread + Pet Rank Up
    C -> B Rank: 2000 WC training thread + Pet Rank Up
    B -> A Rank: 3000 WC training thread + Pet Rank Up
    A -> S Rank: 4000 WC training thread + Pet Rank Up
    S -> L Rank: 5000 WC training thread + Pet Rank Up

    Note, training threads do not have to be simple training at all times, though the pet must be included in the topic. You can train your pet with another person, but each person must meet their own specific requirements in the thread, WC wise. No sharing word counts.

    Multiple Pets:
    A mage can have multiple pets at his disposal at any time. The current cap for pets is 2. These pets have different rank caps, as well. To start with, a pet can never be a rank higher than their owner, excluding mages of D-Rank, who may have a D-Rank pet. The first pet you purchase will have a rank cap of L. However, once you purchase a second, the first may only cap at S. The second can only cap at B-Rank. If you have a pet that has already reached L, you may purchase a second free of charge by lowering the first pet's rank to S.

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